Video: Why You Should Send Your Kids to Camp

Sixteen-year-old Catie tells why you should send your kids to summer camp. After nearly a decade of going to camp, Catie has advice about what camp food is really like, how to fall asleep when you're away from home, and the best part of camp: learning you can live without your cell phone.
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50 Reasons You Should Work at Camp This Summer

Summers at camp are unlike anything else. If you don’t have plans for this summer, try it. Apply with the nearest camp….or look for one across the country. I’m reposting this in honor of Last Summer at Eden‘s Birthday. Here’s the book trailer, which talks about a few of these. Enjoy! You should work at camp...
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It Only Takes A Spark….

A friend who just finished Last Summer at Eden mentioned she was surprised by all the romance in the book. She wrote this note across the top: “Isn’t it unlikely that hooking up would happen so much at a Christian camp?” I was confused. Because, of course. Camp love stories are as common as the chigger bites and buttered corn. Right?...
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Update on Summer

So far, summer in our corner of the world has been busy. The kids are in a camp at our old church. I’m working on my book at different Starbucks across Houston, while they are jumping into waterslides, songs about Jesus, craft projects, and the sno-cone truck that stops by the church. Hands down, the...
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Camp People

Pine Cove is a huge, Christian summer camp in Texas. Saying Pine Cove, wearing a t-shirt, or sticking a bumper sticker on the back of your minivan tells your neighbors you’ve lived among the enthusiastic counselors, who “Jump for Jesus” pretty much all day. You’ve studied the Bible with a dozen of your new best...
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