Procrastinating + School Projects- 40 Days of Posts

I’m not sure how this happened, but we’ve become the last-minute project family. I’m not proud to admit we are the people who do science fair projects in one weekend, book reports the night before they’re due, and decorate family turkeys an hour before bedtime. These are not good habits to start so early in our kids’ academic...
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Writing is Noticing & Noticing is Life-40 Days of Posts

Notice anything? I mean besides cutie-pie Lanie Ward reading Elisabeth a book. Maybe you also notice Nate photo-bombing in the background. And the snazzy-dressed City Centre crowd strolling past to their fancy lunch. Maybe if you looked longer and harder, you’d also see the Ward and Hergenrader girls are really sitting on AstroTurf, not actual grass....
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Learning How to Not Cringe at Selfies: 40 Days of Posts

Dear Lord, Give me a heart so peaceful, I can look at this picture and not cringe. Help me not to see the wrinkles on my forehead, the fine lines around my eyes, the dark roots, desperate for some highlights. Let me look past the poor photography skills that make my kids’ heads look like they’re...
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But First, Forgive–40 Days of Posts

During the 40 days of Lent, I’m writing 40 blog posts. Instead of giving up chocolate or Facebook or corn syrup or whatever, I’m adding this habit back into my life. I miss documenting the seasons our kids are slipping in and out of; I miss remembering and anticipating and processing our lives here. But...
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Talking to My Kids about Listening to God

Our kids are at the age where they’re starting to understand relationships. Yesterday Catie pulled me aside and confidentially explained to me about my moods. She said,“just so you know, when you’re in a bad mood, we notice. Sometimes we don’t even want to be around you.” I explained that was kind of the point of a...
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Much to the Twins’ Chagrin

Sam and Elisabeth are back in the same class this year. This means they’re spending every minute of every day together. They are bonded together like super glue. With one glance across the dinner table, they can dissolve each other into giggles. They cry when the other gets in trouble. Like an old married couple,...
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Summer is a Bag of Marshmallows

School starts in two weeks. This summer has been our family’s first Big Kid Summer. Last year, Nate was still in diapers and a stroller, which limited what we could do in a day. But this summer, the kids are older and more independent. They play Star Wars in the playroom for hours. Catie can...
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To Repeat or Not Repeat: Should Your Kid Repeat Kindergarten?

Behind every five-year-old in America is a mom struggling with the question of whether or not her kid should repeat Kindergarten. Five minutes into a conversation with another parent of my generation and we will talk about this topic. Chances are this other mom’s child will have repeated Kindergarten and she will claim it as...
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School Year in Review

Looking back, the 2013-2014 school year was the busiest one ever for our family. And one of the most eventful. Catie moved to Westlake, Nate started Preschool, I started a school Newspaper, we went to Galveston most weekends, the kids did more activities and sports than ever before, and we (pretty much) LOVED it all....
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