Letters to My Kids

Letters to My Kids…Nate

{Ed. Note: I posted this letter yesterday, on Nate’s birthday. But thanks to craptastic, flawed technology, it disappeared from the face of the Internet. So, here I am, writing it again. Ugh.} Dear Nate… This morning when you woke up, you called for me to come and hold you. When I whispered in your ear...
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Letters to my Kids (& lots of pictures)

Dear Catie, Sam, Elisabeth, and Nate… Here’s what I know: each of you loved our family vacation. Here’s what else I know: one day, when you all are nineteen, sixteen, sixteen, and thirteen, you might not love spending two weeks with Dad and me. When that happens, and we have to bribe you with trips...
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Letters to my Kids

Dear Nate… Last night, when you put your pajamas on all by yourself, we discussed what a big boy you are. I said, “You are growing up so fast!” And you agreed, “I AM, MOMMY!”  You have the attention span of a fourteen year old, the vocabulary of an eight-year-old, and the interests of a...
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Letters to My Kids III

Dear Elisabeth… The other day, when you went to Target with me, we talked about a lot of things. We talked about how much you love Rapunzel, about whether or not your friends would have fun at your slumber party, and about your “biggest dreams in the world.” You changed the subject, but there was...
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Letters to My Kids II

Dear Catie… Making friends can be hard, can’t it? I understand. It’s hard for me too. Like me, you are good at the initial meeting of people. You ask them lots of questions about themselves. Right away, you like other people. You want them to like you. They do like you. The next step of...
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