Whatever Works….

For fifteen years I’ve been learning what works in our marriage. After fifteen years, here’s what I’m good at: forgetting what works in our marriage. We can learn a lesson the hard way, come to a realization about what gives us the deepest happiness, know for sure what puts the sweetness in our marriage. And...
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And Now, We Dance.

Blame it on One Direction. Blame it on Pilates. In the past couple months, I’ve realized our family needs to get its groove back. Or find its groove to begin with. We don’t have enough music in our lives. Like most things, this all started when we had kids…. You know the scene in Sound...
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What We Learned…Involve the Kids

When we bought Best of Times Beach House, it needed a lot of love. It had “good bones” (realtor-speak for “good luck finding the bones under all its scars and cellulite.”). But the ugly scars of bad paint and the cellulite of dated wiring and rusty fixtures didn’t daunt us as much as they probably...
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Letter to My Husband

Happy Birthday, M…. Turning thirty-nine is dangerous territory. The temptation is to become obsessed with your next birthday, to make this year all about what you can squeeze in before forty. To treat thirty-nine as an evaluation point, a “have I accomplished enough to be successful?” observation deck for your life. Anyone who believes in...
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Letters to My Kids II

Dear Catie… Making friends can be hard, can’t it? I understand. It’s hard for me too. Like me, you are good at the initial meeting of people. You ask them lots of questions about themselves. Right away, you like other people. You want them to like you. They do like you. The next step of...
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Extreme Kura Makeover!

For anyone interested, here’s how our family transformed (hacked) four Kura beds into exactly what we wanted for our four kids (a pink/green garden for the girls’ room and a fire engine and police car for the boys’ room). So fun. I highly recommend the whole crazy process. First, we took the Kura beds out...
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