Women Who Do And Women Who Don’t

For a couple years now, I’ve separated the women of the world into two types: those who wear Lululemon workout wear and those who do not. (For those of you who have no idea what Lululemon workout wear is, congratulations! You definitely know which category you fit in! And you probably don’t care about this...
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Benihana is Japanese for Really Big Deal

The twins obsession with Benihana started when they were in PreK 4. A couple of their friends came to school reporting Benihana as their favorite restaurant. Our kids are always eager to jump on a bandwagon, so they started asking to go. Benihana is in Sugarland; we are not in Sugarland. But there is lots...
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Letter to My Husband

Happy Birthday, M…. Turning thirty-nine is dangerous territory. The temptation is to become obsessed with your next birthday, to make this year all about what you can squeeze in before forty. To treat thirty-nine as an evaluation point, a “have I accomplished enough to be successful?” observation deck for your life. Anyone who believes in...
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Friday’s FAQ

Sam’s answering the Fraudulently Asked Questions today about summer. And his little brother, who is both Sam’s summer nemesis and best friend. FAQ #1: Fun picture, Sam. What are you doing with your brother and sisters? Sam: Driving the remote-controlled boat I got for my birthday. It was fun to show off for my sisters....
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Letters to My Kids III

Dear Elisabeth… The other day, when you went to Target with me, we talked about a lot of things. We talked about how much you love Rapunzel, about whether or not your friends would have fun at your slumber party, and about your “biggest dreams in the world.” You changed the subject, but there was...
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Packing is Not Half the Fun

Remember yesterday when I told you about Nate’s newfound chattiness? Yesterday was also the day I tried to pack up our group of six for six days at Disneyland. But, oh, my goodness, with the chattiness.  You’d think the three other chatty kids would  have worn me down and given me the skillz to handle...
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Questions You Ask (When Your Family’s Plane Suddenly Lands in Austin)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You saw the title for this post, and you thought… “Really? Another trip?” And… “Could that girl have ANY MORE TRAVEL DRAMA?” Friends, I’m wondering the same thing. To be clear, I’m questioning why all the travel drama, not why I was on a trip. We visited M’s family...
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The Kids Are Alright: Shaving Cream Edition

We’ve reached that point in the summer when we can remember nothing else. Was there ever homework? Lunch boxes and uniforms? Field trip forms and late-night research projects?  Impossible. Now we live for long days at home. And lots and lots of silliness. Which brings me to this, a blog post I wrote last year...
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Amazing Grace

So, we’re trying something new around here this year for Christmas. In an effort to fight the legalistic YOU BETTER BE GOOD OR NO PRESENTS vibe that is the exact opposite of what God intended Christ’s birth to be, we’re trying to teach our kids grace. Over and over and over and over we’ve asked...
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