Paradise Found

The best relationships, the ones that stand the test of time, are those that flexible enough to change. Like I’m sure you’re aware, relationships based on one thing (our kids are in play group together; we live next door to each other), die when that season passes. Bear with me here as I (clumsily) extend...
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Whatever Works….

For fifteen years I’ve been learning what works in our marriage. After fifteen years, here’s what I’m good at: forgetting what works in our marriage. We can learn a lesson the hard way, come to a realization about what gives us the deepest happiness, know for sure what puts the sweetness in our marriage. And...
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Playroom Paradise?

Conventional wisdom may say it’s location, location, location that sells houses. Parents with young kids will tell you what sells houses: playrooms. Back when we lived in the mildly urban suburbs, the houses were smaller and older. Builders in the ’60s didn’t have time for playrooms. Kids played outside more, or at Grandmas. I don’t...
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What We Learned…It’s A Process

Here’s what we learned, house redos are an expensive, time-consuming PROCESS. If we had remembered what a rigamarole renovating a house is, we would have never signed up to do it. Because of HGTV, we SHOULD HAVE KNOWN what a pounding, expensive headache we were signing up for. But we refused to hear the HGTV...
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What We Learned…Involve the Kids

When we bought Best of Times Beach House, it needed a lot of love. It had “good bones” (realtor-speak for “good luck finding the bones under all its scars and cellulite.”). But the ugly scars of bad paint and the cellulite of dated wiring and rusty fixtures didn’t daunt us as much as they probably...
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Friday’s FAQ

Today’s Fraudulently Asked Questions is with Me, Tina, the Mama, the one wrangling the crazy kids this summer. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about today…summer. And crazy kids. FAQ #1: School’s been out for a month. How is your family filling the time? Tina: First it was swim team, swim team, swim team. Then...
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