Dear Elisabeth… on your first day of Fifth Grade


Dear Elisabeth… Fifth Grade will be like none of your other school years. You, my dear Elisabeth, have changed. Your self-confidence has grown and you are shining.  This inner sparkle comes from your security that Jesus loves you. It also comes from your love to imagine and create. God’s love for you will never change; the creativity will be trickier. There will be times that your gigantic … [Read more...]

Dear Nate (on your first day of school)


Dear Nate.... It's a little shocking to see you in your hipster glasses and big First Grade desk, ready to tackle a year of spelling tests and fast facts. You're the baby of our family, and we would all probably feel most comfortable if you needed us to keep wiping your nose until you're 22. But it's only partly true to call you the baby of our family. You are also the smoothest one of our … [Read more...]

Dear Elisabeth (on the first day of second grade)….


Dear Elisabeth…. Wow! You have been so READY for today. You packed your backpack days ago. You set out the perfect first-day-of-school outfit last night. As we’ve talked and prayed about this year, you’ve said over and over: I want to do everything right. Elisabeth, you are outstanding at doing what’s right. You are a homework-finishing, uniform-wearing, seated-before-the-bell-rings kind … [Read more...]