Dear Nate… (on your first day of Third Grade)


Dear Nate, Today is your first day of Third Grade! Your older brother and sisters are so excited to tell everything you’ll need to know. They want to teach you everything—from how to earn a multiplication sundae to how to make your teacher like you to the secret of being popular. The truth is you don’t really need their lessons, Nate. You’ve already figured most of this out on your … [Read more...]

Dear Sam… (on your first day of Third Grade)


Dear Sam…. Your letter is hard to write because there is so much I want to tell you. This summer you have grown up so much. Because of all the ways you’ve matured, I think Third Grade will be your best year yet. Sam, as I’ve prayed for you over the years, I’ve asked God to help you see yourself the way He sees you. God created you to be so imaginative. He gave you a great sense of humor. … [Read more...]

Dear Elisabeth (on your first day of third grade)


Dear Elisabeth….. Welcome to Third Grade, sweetheart. Lately, you seem more like 39 than 9. Every morning, when you walk down the stairs (with your hair combed, your shoes tied, and your game face on), it’s like you’re a middle-aged woman off to her demanding job. But then …you tell me about your dreams (or nightmares) from the night before, and you seem like another self, your toddler … [Read more...]