Summer is a Bag of Marshmallows


School starts in two weeks. This summer has been our family’s first Big Kid Summer. Last year, Nate was still in diapers and a stroller, which limited what we could do in a day. But this summer, the kids are older and more independent. They play Star Wars in the playroom for hours. Catie can lifeguard the pool. They are old enough to claim they’re bored but also mature enough to get absorbed in … [Read more...]

If Your Kid Wants to Join Swim Team


1. If your kid wants to join swim team, know your entire family is signing up. Monday through Friday you will be lugging kids, towels, goggles, sunscreen, and vans full of kids to the pool. Your weekends are now about all day swim meets. 2. Wet swimsuits, towels, and empty bottles of sunscreen will be on every floor of your house for the next two months. Not the goggles, though. The goggles … [Read more...]

At The Pool (Swim Team & Our Family)

swim team

If you need us, we’ll be at the pool. The kids (minus Nate) have decided to do swim team. Actually, decided is probably too strong of a word. Catie loves swim team so she was eager for another year. Since we had already signed up for the insane schedule of everyday practices, I thought, “Why not two more?” and also signed up Sam and Elisabeth. This was also the moment our family said … [Read more...]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Reality of a Swim Meet


Swim Meets are Long. The Good.... My kid wakes up every morning at 7 (IN THE SUMMER) to swim laps at the pool. What is this fresh madness? Who does THIS? Thousands of kids across Houston do. As a non-athlete, I find this dedication inspirational. I'm also SO GLAD the meets are long because it means all these kids who have been getting up so early for months have the chance to race in actual … [Read more...]