The Summer of So Much!


This is the Summer of SO MUCH. Here’s our list of what we’re loving in July of 2018.... 1.This is the Summer of Stories. The kids and I have listened to so many good stories this summer, thanks to Overdrive, the library app for digital books. We’ve read A Night Divided, The Wonderland Hotelbooks, the Harry Potterseries (for some of us), Judy Blume’s early books, and now Refugee. We try … [Read more...]

Bring It On, Summer!


Alright, Summer, give us what you’ve got. Bring on your 102-degree days and your 90-degree nights. Take our breath away with your humidity. Make us sweat. Sunburn us. Heat up the swimming pool until its scalding, and the sand until it burns our feet, and the patio chairs until they scorch the back of our thighs, and the inside of our minivan until we all beg for air-conditioning. Make us … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's Fraudulently Asked Questions is with Me, Tina, the Mama, the one wrangling the crazy kids this summer. And that's exactly what we're talking about today...summer. And crazy kids. FAQ #1: School's been out for a month. How is your family filling the time? Tina: First it was swim team, swim team, swim team. Then it was beach house, beach house, beach house. We also went through a camp … [Read more...]