How did YOUR Family Celebrate the World Series?


When the Astros WON THE WORLD SERIES, our city went crazy with joy and relief. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, the past two months had been about loss in our city. After so many days of only soggy carpet and demolished homes, Houston now had trophies and homeruns. We were ready to party. So, we did what people always do when the monumental, the emotional, the historical happens. We sought out our … [Read more...]

Not Just Stuff


As I’m writing this, a bright yellow trash crane is making its way down our neighborhood. It’s finally hauling away the Harvey Heaps from the front of the flooded homes on the other side of our subdivision. The insides of our neighbors’ beautiful homes have been gutted. All of their stuff—the broken cabinets, the bloated books, the waterlogged Christmas wreathes, the crumbling sheetrock—has … [Read more...]

Flooded With Love


When Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain on our Houston suburb of Katy, everything I had secretly feared happened. We didn’t sleep night after night because of tornadoes; we watched with terror as the homes of many (many!) dear friends flooded . . .  and with no flood insurance; our home was in a mandatory evacuation area—yet we were trapped inside by rising water. But in the face of … [Read more...]

The Hard Lessons of Rainy Days


Yesterday’s historic flooding in Houston showed a lot about our city—that we have too much concrete and not enough ditches, that Houstonians are the most fantastic helpers, and that weather can still paralyze our beehive highway system. For our family, the day off revealed something about us. It took until the afternoon, but we finally realized that we can live without the dopamine dings we … [Read more...]

Writing at Starbucks


The kids and I have spent the first two weeks of the summer in the Memorial area, where we used to live. Everyday I dropped them off at camp at Christ Memorial Lutheran and then worked on my book in a Starbucks. The Memorial area is also called the Energy Corridor, which is where most major oil companies have their headquarters. At the tables around me, businessmen and women were meeting about … [Read more...]

Urban Adventures/ Summer 2013


In Subrubia,  the good summer camps and VBSs fill up around Spring Break. This past April our summer calendar was still wide open, and I still hadn't gotten around to signing the kids up for some activities. Just when it was time to panic, my friend Barb, the director of our old church, called. She invited our kids to two weeks of summer camp at her school, which is closer to downtown … [Read more...]