Third Camp Counselor Care Package Giveaway!


After more than thirty years at camps, here's what I've learned about the staff: they are always hungry. This is thanks to combination of a couple facts: 1. counselors burn two million calories a day. 2. the kitchen is closed unless it's meal time 3. camp cooks are trying to feed more than a hundred people (think pizza and corn for most meals) 3. no food in the cabins. Because of this, snacks … [Read more...]

Second Camp Counselor Care Package Giveaway!


How To Enter the Giveaway: 1. Click here to enter your favorite camp counselor to win this week’s care package. 2. I’ll select  random WINNERS Monday, June 19. (Entries close at midnight) 3. If your counselor is selected, I’ll send them a care package stuffed with homemade cookies, notes, glow sticks, Bible verses, and SO MANY other goodies! (If your counselor doesn’t win this giveaway, don’t … [Read more...]

Fourth Love Rules Giveaway


Did you hear that? It's the Advent starting gun fired this morning. One month until Christmas! And, oh my, we all have such long lists of shopping and baking and elfing. The next month will be exciting and overwhelming. And, yet, we know the truth about what's really important during this season. We now our most important task is to show the world who needs to know how much God loves each and … [Read more...]

Love Rules Third Giveaway!


Love Rules is 40 stories about real women and also 75 discussion questions to help you think about your own story. Most importantly, Love Rules is the study of how crazy much God loves you. Here are some of my favorite Bible verses from the book that share that message... Matthew 22:38-39....This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as … [Read more...]

Second Fall Friday Giveaway!


Wow. What a week. Are you feeling a little bruised, a little strung-out from social media? Here's the best news in the world...God loves you more than you can imagine. You already have everything you need: your identity, your hope, your true security, and real peace. God's love is the message of Love Rules, and it's the message I want to share through this week’s giveaway. I would love to … [Read more...]

First Friday Giveaway!


Welcome to the first of the Fall Friday giveaways! To thank you for helping make Love Rules a success, I'm giving away a few of my favorite things. This will be so much fun! Here's how it works. How To Enter to Win 1. Click on this link. Or copy and paste this into your browser: 2. Fill in the required fields (including the title of your … [Read more...]