Dear Elisabeth… on your first day of Fifth Grade


Dear Elisabeth… Fifth Grade will be like none of your other school years. You, my dear Elisabeth, have changed. Your self-confidence has grown and you are shining.  This inner sparkle comes from your security that Jesus loves you. It also comes from your love to imagine and create. God’s love for you will never change; the creativity will be trickier. There will be times that your gigantic … [Read more...]

Dear Sam (on your first day of Fifth Grade)


Dear Sam…. Yesterday, when I was worrying about some detail about your school year, a friend said to me, “I think this will be Sam’s best year yet.” Just like that, I knew what she said could be true for you, Sam. So, what do you say we just claim this as a promise for this year? Let's just believe that Fifth Grade was made for you. This year will be filled with funny friends, interesting … [Read more...]

Catie 2014


Dear Catie... Fifth Grade has got to be easier than the last couple of years. In Third Grade we discovered so much about how you learn. In Fourth Grade we found out how well you get along with your class. You know yourself better now and understand how you learn best. You're confident your teacher and the other kids will like you. You realize you're funny. You recognize yourself as the one … [Read more...]