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Do you need to keep everyone happy? Are you constantly trying to make sure everyone loves you . . . likes your posts on social media . . . believes you are good enough?

How can you handle all this pressure to be perfect?

Stop trying. You are already enough. You, beautiful girl, are God’s daughter. He chose you, claimed you, and loves you. You belong to Him forever and ever because He adores you. That’s the best news in the history of the world.

The world needs to hear about God’s grace. He wants you to shine His brilliant love into the darkness of sin. He wants you to reflect His love like billions of pieces of brilliant, bright glitter to those who are hurting.

For the next six weeks, let’s talk about what God’s sparkle looks like. In these pages, you will find stories, journal prompts, and discussion questions. Let’s dig into His Word and find out how we can shine the Gospel of Jesus to His people.

I love to share stories and scripture with students and moms. Invite me to join your youth group, girl’s club, or church group for your next event or find out where I’ll be speaking next.
What is Shine? Shine is my new book. It’s a six-week Bible study filled with stories, discussion questions, journal prompts, and prayers. Shine is my favorite of all my books. You will laugh and you will cry. I just can’t...
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This school has become our family and our home. And not it’s time to say goodbye. For the last decade, Westlake Prep has been the seventh member of our family.  To our kids—who started here just a few days...
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