Off the Couch! Thoughts on Stomach Bugs & Writing


A yucky stomach bug found its way into the intestines of our kids this week. Like a knee-locked junior high choir, they toppled off the proverbial risers of life one at a time. Each kid went from enthusiastic student to curled in bed, clutching his/her tummy. They each stayed home to watch movies with the pot-o-shame waiting on the floor, just in case they can’t make it to the bathroom. … [Read more...]

Blessed (& also a hot mess)


We are having one of those weeks that can only be described as a Hot Mess. The kids have all been sick with a lingering virus and nasty cough. They’re also finishing up the school year, so they’re emotional and transitioning. And we all know ugly transitioning is. The weather has been rainy. The moods have been sour. The news has been bad, bad, and bad. On Monday we prepared the beach … [Read more...]

We Need Your Grace


It happened exactly one week ago when we were eyeball deep in December to-dos. Elisabeth came down with a fever the morning of her class Christmas party. Poor kid never misses school, unlike her siblings she doesn't even want to miss school, and now she would have to miss her Christmas party. M was working from home, so I set her up with a movie on the couch and went to the the kids' school to … [Read more...]

Six Kids in a Car. And Puke.


With Nina With Patience So, here's my funniest story from last week. On Tuesday I was driving all these kids home from VBS. Even though I was blasting the AC, it couldn't keep up with all those sweaty bodies in my backseat. Everyone was cranky, tired, and hot. Nate was also whining about his tummy. He kept saying, "I don't feel good, Mommy. I really don't." Listen. … [Read more...]

The Slumber Parties Must Go On…


Months ago, my friends, Holly and Michelle, and I came up with a creative solution to the scheduling conflict that is our children's birthdays. My twins and their sons all have birthdays about a week apart. These four kids have been good buddies since they were three-years-old, but they've never attended each other's birthdays because they're all so close together. "Why not throw a joint party?" … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's FAQ was supposed to be with Elisabeth about the Tangled-themed slumber party we are hosting at our house tonight. But then two African girls came to stay with us, and my heart has swelled. Now it's breaking into a million pieces because they are leaving tomorrow. In addition to that, our week has been filled with lots of throw-up, some in the car while I was transporting six kids around … [Read more...]