Kura Bed Hack FAQ


A few years ago we found ourselves with four kids and two bedrooms. We hacked Kura beds to give each kids a cool bed, with lots of space of their own. Buzzfeed and other sites have picked up the original hack and that blog post has had hundreds of thousands of visitors. IKEA lovers from all over the world have asked us about our hack so I thought I would be helpful to collect our answers in one … [Read more...]

Kura Bed Hack to Tween Daybed-40 Days of Posts


We rearranged our kids’ rooms last month with the goal of giving all of them more space. Sam and Elisabeth, our seven-year-old twins, still loved their Kura beds, and so did Nate, our four-year-old. But I wasn’t sure our ten-year-old, Catie, would want to keep hers. Part of the reason for the room redo was to give Catie a more tween space. Four years ago, we had hacked her Kura bed, but the … [Read more...]

Conquering IKEA (with kids)

conquering ikea

Last week, Mike and I finally agreed it was time to replace the old couch in the beach house. Naturally, we turned to our favorite Swedish furniture store. IKEA's Friheten Sleeper Sofa has clean lines, inventive storage, and  a low price. Most of all, it was not the 30(+) year-old couch that thousands of soggy bathing suit bottoms have rested on over the years. One of us had to drive over to … [Read more...]

My Husband’s Voluntary IKEA Trip (or The Best Week of My Life)


I always record our really bad weeks here, but today, I'm excited to tell you about our family's good week. For a bunch of reasons (M volunteering to go to IKEA was the biggest one), this has been a wow week. First, Nate is potty-trained. More about this later next week, but he did it in one day. So, that big, scary problem I've worried about all summer? The problem of Nate getting kicked out of … [Read more...]

Playroom Paradise?


Conventional wisdom may say it's location, location, location that sells houses. Parents with young kids will tell you what sells houses: playrooms. Back when we lived in the mildly urban suburbs, the houses were smaller and older. Builders in the '60s didn't have time for playrooms. Kids played outside more, or at Grandmas. I don't know what kids did, but they did NOT have large rooms filled … [Read more...]

Extreme Kura Makeover!


For anyone interested, here's how our family transformed (hacked) four Kura beds into exactly what we wanted for our four kids (a pink/green garden for the girls' room and a fire engine and police car for the boys' room). So fun. I highly recommend the whole crazy process. First, we took the Kura beds out of their boxes and spray-painted all the wood. It was a spray-painting extravaganza! Made … [Read more...]