FAQ Family RV Trip


Our twins turned 10 on the same day I had a book signing in Albuquerque. Our family decided this was the opportunity to try out RVing. In June we travelled from Houston to New Mexico for a seven-day adventure in a Class C RV. Our coach had two bunk beds, a oversized King loft, a pullout double bed, and a queen bed in a separate little room. It slept eight total. Since we've returned, so many … [Read more...]

Kura Bed Hack FAQ


A few years ago we found ourselves with four kids and two bedrooms. We hacked Kura beds to give each kids a cool bed, with lots of space of their own. Buzzfeed and other sites have picked up the original hack and that blog post has had hundreds of thousands of visitors. IKEA lovers from all over the world have asked us about our hack so I thought I would be helpful to collect our answers in one … [Read more...]

Baby, It’s Mild and Slightly Cool Outside


This week, the temperature in Houston dipped into the 50s. Clearly Starbucks was packed, every Houstonian posted about "THIS WEATHER!" on Facebook, the dogs slept in a shivering heap, and my kids declared themselves frozen. Let's chat about this frightful weather in some Fraudulently Asked Questions. FAQ #1: You look cold, Nate. How are you handling the temperature dip this week? Nate: Not … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's Fraudulently Asked Questions is with Catie, the Hergenrader's newest basketball star. Um, player. FAQ #1: Catie, you've been practicing basketball for a month now. What's your favorite part? Catie: The cheers! After volleyball, my teammates and I realized that other teams had all these awesome chants and handshakes and prayer circles they did. We have vowed to come to games with the … [Read more...]

Friday FAQ


Our kids minds have been blown. Again. Last year, Nate was the one gleefully freaked out by Halloween. The year before, it was the twins, partying like bosses. And, the year before that, it was Catie running from house to house, collecting Tootsie Rolls like it was her job. This year we're debriefing with the kids in the form of some Fraudulently Asked Questions. FAQ #1: Happy Halloween, … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's Fraudulently Asked Questions is with Sam and Elisabeth. As six-year-olds, they are in that delightful stage of both hating and loving hobbies. They hate stopping their play to attend ballet and Tae Kwon Do lessons. But they love every other sport they aren't a part of. They're old enough to have opinions, but still too young to really know what they want to do. I'll let them … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


This weeks' Fraudulently Asked Questions is with all four of the Hergenrader kids. We're talking about the kids love tolerance hatred of posed pictures. FAQ #1: Hello, Hergenrader Kids. Interesting picture. Is there any particular reason why you are all scowling? Elisabeth: Yes. We did not want our picture taken. AT ALL. Sam: This is us smiling enough to get it over with. Catie: But, … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's FAQ is with Nate. We're here to discuss Nate's phenomenal gaming skills...specifically his skill at finding anyone with an iPad in a one-mile radius. FAQ #1: Who is the friend you're playing with here, Nate? Someone from your school? A classmate of Sam's? Nate: That girl? I had never seen her before in my life. She was at one of my sister's volleyball games. I saw she had an iPad, so I … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's FAQ is with Sam, who loves to help in the kitchen  play around with small electronics. We're talking about yesterday's cookie disaster. It wasn't pretty. FAQ #1: Sam, it looks like you're chopping some pecans. What are you making? Sam: Paleo Breakfast Cookies! I think. Or banana bread. Or pecan pie. Look, I'm not really sure. I just really love grinding stuff in that chopper. And … [Read more...]

Friday’s FAQ


Today's FAQ is with Madison, our 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel. She's here to disprove the conventional wisdom, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Madison's newest trick is pooping everywhere in the house. We're here to get to the bottom (pun intended) of this new "trick." FAQ #1: Madison, after 14 years as a Hergenrader, why have you chosen now to poop on the couch?...in the kids' … [Read more...]