All Kinds of Cowgirls


An afternoon at horse camp tells a lot about a person--especially a Girl Scout. There are the girls who ignore the animals. Those disgusted by the piles of poop and general lung-infiltrating poop smell. Those who really want to ride the horses and don't take "not until you're in second grade" as an answer. Those who race to the horses and insist on being the very first to pet them. And then, … [Read more...]

Killing Time


One afternoon last month Catie and I were talking about time. She has this teaching clock from the dollar bins at Target (half of our house is from the dollar bins at Target), and I was saying things like, "At seven, we eat breakfast. At eight we leave for school." And she would move the hands to seven o'clock and so on. This worked until about three o'clock. Then we had the three or four hours … [Read more...]

House Rules


You may see a lot of things when you look at this picture. The constant mess of our playroom, for instance. The genius architecture of the twins' Lego tower. The fact that Sam is wearing Princess dress-up shoes--and not even in a "Hey! Look at me, Mom! I'm wearing Princess dress-up shoes! This is crazy!" No, he's just wearing them. Because he has two sisters so Princess dress-up shoes are … [Read more...]

Third Times The Charm


Here we are...twenty-four weeks pregnant, and we've finally taken the first belly shot. What happened? With my first two pregnancies we took several pictures. We had to with Catie--the whole pregnancy process was so mind-boggling. The was a tiny person growing right next to my liver and kidneys and stomach and bladder (probably not exactly there, but still. Crazy enough a wiggling human was … [Read more...]

Is It Swimming-Pool Weather Yet?


Nothing makes winter seem longer than a swimming pool in your backyard. All of the sudden, summer is so definitive. When it's warm enough to get in the pool, entire days, parties, and playdates are dedicated to it. But when the weather is in the thirties for an entire week, like this winter in Houston, the pool is a cruel reminder of what you're not doing. And how much of your backyard is … [Read more...]

The Sad-As-A-Hot Dog-Truth: Kids Don’t Care That Much About Food


There's this new blog that everyone (okay, really the media and dietitians) love. A teacher in Chicago is eating the school lunch every day, posting pictures of what she eats, and describing the food--lots of pizza and chili, and fruit cups. Outrage from every news outlet. Journalists are so baffled that this is the junk our public schools serve that they never really describe why they're … [Read more...]

Hotel Carpets


The Kids Becoming One with the Hotel Germs--->I may be closer to becoming a grown-up. I've long been convinced that I have the soul of a seventeen-year-old. I don't mean I haven't matured since I was seventeen. I hope I have. I was a mess at seventeen. No, most things I enjoy are for someone seventeen-years-old. My favorite foods are salty and cheesy and junk food. My favorite books are YA. I … [Read more...]

Confessions of an Ex-Scrapbooker


If I can call myself a scrapbooker, then it's only with the highest degree of shame. I encompass everything ugly about this hobby. Tacky? In college I cut out individual letters from magazines ransom-note style and slapped them on pages with a glue stick. Time consuming? I once glued individual pieces of that confetti that was popular in the nineties all over a birthday party page. … [Read more...]



Today we did something we've never done before--loaded all the kids into the minivan and headed to the doctor to find out the gender of our fourth baby. You may have some questions: why find out, when the surprise would be so much more rewarding when we actually met the kid? what was the gender? and (also my personal question) why bring three other kids to a doctor's office to sit still during … [Read more...]