What is Shine?

Shine is my new book. It’s a six-week Bible study filled with stories, discussion questions, journal prompts, and prayers. Shine is my favorite of all my books. You will laugh and you will cry. I just can’t for you to read it.

  • Who should read Shine?

I wrote this book for teen girls. The stories talk about life like it really is. I want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect. You are enough–right now. God choose you and gives you strength for more than you can ever imagine.

  • Why should teen girls read this book?

Because there are journal prompts and discussion questions. Because it will make you laugh out loud. Because you will recognize yourself on these pages. But mostly because you are loved by our wonderful God—and that message is on every page!

  • How should girls read this book?

Read it by yourself as a daily devotion. Read it with a group at your church or school as a Bible study. Read it with your mom and talk about it with her. Read it with a friend and keep each other accountable by getting together to discuss it.

  • When is Shine available?

Shine is out on Wednesday, June 12. You can pre-order it right now at Amazon, cph.org, or Barnes & Noble. If you order now, and send me a screenshot of your receipt, I will send you a package with Shine swag! My email address is christina@christinasbooks.comand this offer is good until June 1.

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