Second Camp Counselor Care Package Giveaway!


How To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Click here to enter your favorite camp counselor to win this week’s care package.

2. I’ll select  random WINNERS Monday, June 19. (Entries close at midnight)

3. If your counselor is selected, I’ll send them a care package stuffed with homemade cookies, notes, glow sticks, Bible verses, and SO MANY other goodies!

(If your counselor doesn’t win this giveaway, don’t worry. We’ll do another GIVEAWAY later this week!)


Someone wise said it’s important to pay attention to whatever makes you cry.

If you can’t hold back your tears at marathon finish lines, or first days of school, or Silent Night sung acapello in a candlelit church, or curtain calls, your body is reacting to something your brain doesn’t understand. Pay attention to those tears. The emotions are important
For me, it’s book dedications. I almost always cry when I read them. And when I write them? It’s terrible. I cry like I’m reading the end of Old Yeller.
Do all writers feel like this? Or, after a while, does the sentimentality wear off?
I don’t think it ever will wear off for me. Every single time I read or write a book dedication, I feel the prick of tears.
I dedicated Last Summer at Eden to camp counselors. I love camp counselors because they are a group of the world’s most incredible workers. I admire their enthusiasm, energy, and passion for Jesus, kids, and camp. They deserve all the book dedications in the world. And so much more.
This is why I’m sending camp counselors care packages. Because they deserve books dedicated to them. And they need chocolate chip cookies.  And glow sticks. And really delicious coffee. And, especially, God’s Word.
For the second week, you can enter your favorite camp staffer in my giveaway. It’s truly my joy to send love to some of my favorite people.

Please enter! This giveaway ends on Monday, June 19.

(Also, because I know they are reading this and because they are two of my favorite people, Last Summer at Eden is also dedicated to my friends, Amy and Jen. They were both camp counselors and are also incredible women who are Jesus-camp-book enthusiasts!)


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