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Hello! I am so happy to announce that my new fiction book, Last Summer at Eden, will be out in a couple months. This book is my absolute favorite because it’s a celebration of so many of my loves: camp, Jesus, teens, and romance. For years, I’ve wanted to share this story with the world and I can’t believe this book is finally ready to find its audience.

Check out this book trailer. I LOVE it. It captures Poppi, Camp Eden, and her fight to save it. Every time I watch it, I get goosebumps.

from Concordia Publishing House (CPH) on Vimeo.

Here’s where you come in….I really need your help to spread the word about Last Summer at Eden. This book needs to find its people in the way the world experiences camp, in intimate, intentional, and loving ways. I need readers who will tell their people about it and share the story with their world.

So, we’re forming a launch team to help Last Summer at Eden find its way in the world.I REALLY hope you’ll join.

If You’re On The Launch Team, Here’s What You Do….
1. Read an advance copy of Last Summer at Eden (The marketing team will send you a free digital copy!)
2. Share information about Last Summer at Eden on your social media channels, in your community, at your school, or in other places where folks love camp, Jesus, love stories, and young adult books.
3. Post a review of Last Summer at Eden on, Amazon, or Goodreads.
Here’s What We Will Send You:
1. You’ll receive a free download of Last Summer at Eden, so can explore Camp Eden months before anyone else!
2. When the book releases, I’ll send you a free autographed copy. (I love signing books, and I’ll pray for each of you as I sign your copy.)
3. Exclusive access to a private Facebook group, where you can get behind-the-scenes updates, and be part of lots of chatter about camp and the story.
4. Cute swag! Get ready for fun freebies, mailed right to you! (Seriously, we’ve been working so hard on creating such cute freebies. They’re perfect!)
Will You Apply To Be Part of The Launch Team?
Are you super excited to share the story of Poppi and Camp Eden? Are you active on social media or your own blog? Do you love to share books with your school, church, students, friends, or book club? If yes, them fill out the form below! These spots will go fast, so PLEASE don’t delay!

Last Summer at Eden Launch Team Information Form


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