Dear Elisabeth (on the first day of second grade)….

dearelDear Elisabeth….

Wow! You have been so READY for today.

You packed your backpack days ago. You set out the perfect first-day-of-school outfit last night. As we’ve talked and prayed about this year, you’ve said over and over: I want to do everything right.

Elisabeth, you are outstanding at doing what’s right. You are a homework-finishing, uniform-wearing, seated-before-the-bell-rings kind of girl. You trust the rules. And, in return, you want all As, all friends who love Jesus as much as you do, a teacher who is nice all the time.

But as you get older, you will start to learn that life isn’t all or nothing. This could be hard a hard lesson for a girl like you, a girl who wants to do Second Grade perfectly.

But Second Grade will teach you some important Grace Lessons: your teacher is a good teacher, even if she yells sometimes. Your classmates can be great friends, even if they don’t follow all the rules. You’re still an incredible girl, even when you forget your homework in the car or shout out an answer.

That’s just part of the excitement of Second Grade, sweetheart. This year will be so fun. It won’t be perfect. It will have ups, downs, grey areas, and grace. In the middle of all this, you’ll learn the skill of forgiveness. And forgiveness is always the right thing. Especially when you learn how to forgive yourself.

You make me want to be a better mom, Elisabeth. Thank you for that gift.




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