Dear Nate….

This is your first year to go to school all day and every day. No more pajama days. No more Best Friend Days with just me and you. Ready or not, your days will be filled with school for  the next twenty years. Ready or not, your are now a big-boy student.

Of course, you’re so ready to be a big-boy student. You like just about everything about school. The structure, the predictable schedule, the learning–it’s all YOU, Nate. Your eyes lit up when you saw all the games and toys in your classroom. You gasped when you saw your teacher’s stash of iPads. You will LOVE PreK-4.

Every day since you’ve started school, you have proudly marched into the car to show me your binder, overflowing with crafts and notes. Before I can even shut the van door, you’ve got all your papers spread out for me to see. You can’t wait to tell me everything you’ve learned. You’re so proud of staying on green, you usually sign my initials on your behavior chart before we even pull in the driveway. Sometimes you truly are 4 going on 14.

Because you’re the youngest in the family, Nate, we all forget you’re only 4. It’s hard to remember not to expect too much from you. Sometimes you expect too much from yourself. You don’t have to read as well as your 7-year-old brother yet. You don’t have to get dressed as fast as your older sisters. It’s okay if you’re not always excited about school. You’re only 4. And, remember, you have 20 more years of this.

Let’s both make sure you don’t grow up too fast, okay? It’s totally fine if you’re not reading by the end of this school year. Who cares if you still haven’t mastered your right from your left? Even if the teacher gives you homework, we don’t have to stress about getting it all done.

Instead, let’s take some days off to stay in our pajamas so we can talk about how much we love being best friends.

You’re awesome, buddy!



  1. Amanda says

    How is it possible for Nate to look so much older in this picture? I see him almost every day and yet I am taken back by how much he has grown! I just love Nate, and how excited he gets about life! Bible study! School! Dogs and cats that bite! Trophies! Reading on Fridays! I’m glad I have been “friended” by Nate! I Love hanging with him!!

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