Blessed (& also a hot mess)

blessedmessWe are having one of those weeks that can only be described as a Hot Mess.

The kids have all been sick with a lingering virus and nasty cough. They’re also finishing up the school year, so they’re emotional and transitioning. And we all know ugly transitioning is.

The weather has been rainy. The moods have been sour. The news has been bad, bad, and bad.

On Monday we prepared the beach house for two months of renters. Leaving the beach for the summer, on a sunny Memorial Day, felt surreal. And sad.

While driving to school, my tire blew out, and the kids reacted as if someone were shooting at us.

Swim practices were off-and-on because of the rain. The sun shined on days I kept the kids home. Practice was cancelled on days the kids were suited-up and ready to go.

Then I came down with the virus. Being sick during such a hectic week depressed me. I felt like I should be up, helping my family, but all I really wanted to do was take a fistful of Advil and sleep for a week.

On Friday, Nate missed his last day of school because of the virus. He dropped an iPad on his toe, which blackened his toenail. For the next hour, I held him while he screamed in my ear.

Later that night Mike took the other kids to their first swim meet, which Nate and I missed because of the virus. Then I fell down a flight of stairs. Nate—nervous to see me sprawled out at the bottom of the steps—laughed hysterically. This was not the high point of our evening.

This morning when I reached into the fridge, my elbow knocked out one of the door shelves. Glass bottles of salad dressings, steak sauces, pickles, and spaghetti sauce splattered everywhere. Because this was Hot Mess Week, Sam and Catie acted like they had been shot; Nate laughed at me; Elisabeth, who had caught the virus, slept through it all.

I didn’t tell you all this to complain, though. Because there were so many blessings and grace hidden in the crevices of this week.

For one, Nate and I got lots of time in our pjs and snuggling on the couch. Next school year, he’ll have to go every day. The two of us needed to give our PJ Days a proper send-off. God gave us that chance for three straight days this week.

We had the whole tire ordeal, but we were safe. Two good Westlake friends rolled up their sleeves and changed our tire, right there in the middle of the hot school parking lot.

Nate might lose his toenail, and I might be walking like Fred Sanford, but we can now laugh about our accident-prone week.

Perhaps that’s the best news here. Thanks to God’s grace, I was able to handle a Hot Mess Week a little better than I would have last year. The smiling and laughing came easier this time than it ever has before.

The real good news is that the kids knew the hard stuff was hitting us fast, but they also saw that we weren’t giving up.

They also made the best of the bad situations. One day, when they suited up for a swim practice that got cancelled, they refused to get frustrated. Instead, they grabbed their umbrellas and danced in the rain.

This is the picture of our week.

This is us being a hot mess, but still blessed.

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