Friday’s FAQ

Today’s Fraudulently Asked Questions is with Me, Tina, the Mama, the one wrangling the crazy kids this summer. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about today…summer. And crazy kids.

FAQ #1: School’s been out for a month. How is your family filling the time?
Tina: First it was swim team, swim team, swim team. Then it was beach house, beach house, beach house. We also went through a camp phase, a VBS phase, and a all-of-us-are-sick-to-our-stomachs phase. Now, we’re mostly dragging the kids along on errands (me) and fighting with each other (them). Good times.

FAQ #2: Sounds like a lot! Is there anything you’re not doing?
Tina: Thank you notes. We can’t seem to get the Thank You Notes done. If you gave our kids a birthday present, know this: they LOVED it. They play with it all the time. It has made our summer complete. You’re the greatest friend, who we do not deserve. Also know that the chances of us getting our act together and sending thank-you notes are slim to none. Almost exactly none since the twins seem to have forgotten how to write their names in the last month.

FAQ #3: Wouldn’t you say writing Thank-You Notes is an important skill for your kids to learn?
Tina: Listen. I have four kids and nothing on the calendar. I’m embracing the idea their skill set should include frequent trips to Target, holding your own in water fights, and finishing a popsicle before it melts. We’ll have to master social graces next summer. By then they may have learned how to write their names again.

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