Friday’s FAQ

Today’s Fraudulently Asked Questions is with our local handyman. We call him M. Actually most of the family calls him, “DADDY!!”

FAQ #1: You had quite a weekend. Assembling two sets of bunk beds and then a fifth bed, rewiring the lighting for most of the rooms, and installing two ceiling fans. So far, you only seem to be working at the new beach house.
M: This is a beach house? Where’s the beach? I thought this was some kind of neverending home improvement project. Aren’t we trying to win an HGTV marathon show by running from room to room installing lighting while four kids “help?”

FAQ #2: You let your young children help you with DIY electrical work? Is that safe?
M:  No one’s been shocked so far, so that’s a huge win. It was a little touch and go when I was holding a nest of live wires and Sam kept asking if he could flip on the light switch.

FAQ #3: Really?! That’s scary. Have you considered letting the kids help you with more appropriate projects? It looks like Sam is very helpful putting together these bunk beds.
M: Helpful? Um. Huh. Sam is very talkative while putting together bunk beds. He also likes playing a game where he hides the bolts. And he asks lots of questions. Lots of times the questions are deep, theological ones Martin Luther himself couldn’t answer. But when I’m trying to figure out IKEA bunk beds with no written instructions? I have a better chance of winning that HGTV marathon than assembling safe bunk beds AND answering questions like, “What is a soul, Daddy?”

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