Hooray for ten days off of school! Hooray that the world is preparing for Christmas!

 Hooray for Santa’s chair all ready for the guy to come so the Hergenrader kids can refuse to sit on his lap (actually just Nate. And maybe Elisabeth.)

 Triple hooray for flip-flops for a whole week and NO SOCK ISSUES! (Are we the only family with chronic sock issues? Seriously. Our kids are all allergic.)

 Hooray for time to chat. Or be quiet. Or pretend. Or save the universe as Super Twins.

 Again with the hooray for no shoes. In heaven the kids don’t wear shoes. (I made that up. Streets of gold might need shoes.)

 Hooray for Nate to have his Bubba and Sissy home all the time. Hooray for photo bombs!

 Hooray for road trips and cartwheels and flips and time to perfect round-offs.

 Hooray for sunshine and no uniforms and astroturf and cake pops from Starbucks.

 Hooray Daddy doesn’t have to work and Catie is almost done with school and the weather in Texas is still in the 80s.

 Hooray, everyone, for Thanksgiving!


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