A Halloween Prayer

Happy Reformation Day!
Here’s (almost) verbatim the kids’ nightly prayers about Halloween….

Catie… Lord, help us stay safe tonight. Protect us from snakes and anyone falling down. Help me find a costume. And, Lord, keep our hearts focused on the true reason for Halloween…what is that again?
Elisabeth… MARTIN LUTHER! He’s the true reason for Halloween. Thanks, Lord, for letting him nail that paper on the church door and for him to be so brave. Martin Luther is MAN OF THE DAY!
Sam…Thank You, Lord, for making Martin Luther so brave. And please let there be lots of candy and no bad guys.
Nate…God bless Mommy, Daddy, Kay-Kay, Sissy, and Bubba. AMEN!
So, Nate doesn’t really get the concept of Halloween, but OH WOW, after tonight, he will. Because if I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Nate’s love language is sugar.
My prayer is for tomorrow. Because even though Halloween is so fun, it’s the November 1 Hergenrader Halloween Hangover I never seem to remember.
Praying for a happy, healthy night for all.

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