Dear Friends….

First of all, let me say that I love book dedications. Ever since I’ve loved books (decades, that is) I’ve so enjoyed the dedication at the front of them. In fact, when I read my own kids the Children’s Classics, (the same ones that I read when I was a kid) I wonder if I read the dedications as a little girl…just like I do today.
A well-written, and especially tender, book dedication will always make me cry. Why? I think it has to do with the break of form that the book dedication is about. You know what I mean? The book itself is a fiction offering, the vibrant world of the author’s imagination with no glimpse at all into his/her personal life. But wait! First, here’s a dedication to someone the author loves or respects or feels inspired by in REAL LIFE. It’s intriguing.
That’s the other part of the book dedication. The humbleness of it. What other work of art does the artist (author) dedicate to someone? I love this. It’s as if the book wouldn’t exist without the muse, the inspiration, the catalyst. What a humbling admission for the author…this book is for someone else.
Some of the highlights of my career have been about book dedications. The book dedications of one of my dear friends (and really successful authors) Shana Galen, always make me cry–especially when she mentions our friendship.
I love to dedicate my books to friends and family. I especially love this when the content of the book so perfectly fits that person, when he/she truly did inspire the book. Inefficient or not, I’ve spent hours crafting book dedications that succinctly tell the person (or people) why the book is for them. In the end, the dedications are usually only a sentence, but I love them. You could almost say that I write books so that I can write book dedications.
All this to say that book dedications are also painful for me. For every book, there are about fifteen people who I want to dedicate it to…who really deserve that I would dedicate it to them for their support, love, dedication. free child care, giving birth to me, paying to support my writing habit, or just because they mean the world to me.
I just haven’t written enough books to supply the need of those I l need to thank.
But this book, the one I turned in last Monday, had a clear inspiration, Katie Tonn. This was a devotional book about Christian friendships and featured thirty types of Christian friends. Katie, who has prayed and loved and cared for me for decades, represented every type of Christian friend in the book. It was such a thrill to finish this book on-time–but an even bigger thrill to dedicate it to Katie. Not only did she spend hours with our kids so I could write, but she made it all so fun!
The only disappointment was that many of you reading this also deserve a book dedicated to you. Which means I should get on writing the actual books…and stop writing blog entries about the dedications.


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