Hair Care

So, we had a little dilemma last week. Not just last week, as this problem has been growing as fast as Nate’s hair. Which M thought it was time to cut. Here’s the dilemma: Nate’s my baby. His first haircut would mean 1) he’s growing up 2) he won’t have as much fly-away blonde hair 3) he may not look quite as cuddly without that blonde peach fuzz 4) he’s growing up.
So, I was hesitant to rush right over to Super Cuts for the First Big Haircut!
But M had begun to refer to him as mop head.
So, we went.
Here’s Nate at WhichWich, minutes before the procedure…

 And then, for our Thursday Night Entertainment, our entire family watched on intently to see how he would react to this rite of passage. The kids took bets, and the over/under spread (whatever that is) was that little Nate would scream about the water and scissors and sitting still and fear and probably kick the hair stylist and we would all be kicked out of Super Cuts and he would go to Kindergarten looking like Willie Nelson.
I’ll let you judge how the haircut really went….

 Not only did he shock us all by grinning like a lunatic, but he sat SO STILL. Like crazy still. Like so focused it seemed like the only thing he’s thought about since the moment of his birth is how he will one day be SO GOOD for his first haircut.
If you can see his (blurry) reflection in this picture, it’s worth a million all cap exclamations (which I’ve clearly already provided).

 Seriously. His focus and happiness and excitement about getting his hair cut cracked all of us up. He was SO proud of himself. Whoever believed he would scream and kick and yell “NO!” (me…I believed that) didn’t see THIS KID coming…

 And finally, the picture that truly says it all. The suave, debonair, ex-mop head checking out his new style in the mirror.
Perfect. Just like this little–I mean big–boy.


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