Kura Bed MakeOver–Girls

After several trips to IKEA and months of building and painting and decorating, the kids’ rooms are done. And so is M. He’s done with building and painting and IKEAing.
But the whole project was so fun, and I’m so excited to share the finished product!
Here’s the girls Pink and Green Garden room. We’ve flipped the Kura beds over to provide extra space for them to read or write or make bead necklaces (or messes) in their Areas.
Underneath the bed, in each girls’ AREA, we let them string super-cool (as in temperature, but yes, also as in groovy, or whatever the kids say nowadays) Christmas lights. They each have a chair in there and a bulletin board for hanging all the art projects (or Es) they create.

We also let each kid pick out their own Rast table from IKEA and spray paint it any color they wanted (to be clear, M and I did most of the actual spraying and painting). We hung an (IKEA) hook on it and they earned these little buckets during Spring Break for doing chores (also where Elisabeth earned the stickers on those Es). The table can hold a bin full of stuff or books or serve as a little table. Catie spray painted her table in chalkboard paint, Elisabeth in pink.

We’re nothing if not flexible around here. When we discovered the Elisabeth preferred her room to be lit up like a landing strip as she fell asleep–and Catie did not–we added flower lights. Each girl has soft light by her head…that doesn’t shine in the other girl’s eyes. Much.

Catie likes to read books in her bed. And drink water. And chat with her sister. She needed a little shelf for two of these activities. Because, as she pointed out, it’s HARD to crawl ALL THE WAY down the (three foot) drop to get a sip of water. These cute shelves look like flower petals. And hold fish art projects.

We also bought the Trofast storage unit from IKEA for like nine dollars, or whatever crazy cheap price they charge. And we use it for steps! I cut up some cute shag rugs from Pottery Barn Kids (KIDDING! From IKEA! Of COURSE!) to prevent slipping. And because it made the steps look like a garden. And so darn cute.
Elisabeth did the labeling on these steps…with stickers! Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger. All the girls’ clothes fit easily inside…and the bins are so much easier than drawers. No matter what I used, all their stuff ended up in a big jumble in the bottom drawer. Now they can see everything inside. And get dressed right next to it, with the help of a mirror. Did I mention this also serves as steps? Ingenious Swedes!
We have more Trofast storage over by the window. Plus, a Reading Nook! I love Reading Nooks…and so do the girls. They especially love rearranging the pillows. Their books and Books-on-CD are all in this little space. Plus TONS OF CUSHIONS for snuggling at night when M or I reads stories.
Here’s another picture of the Reading Nook, including the Trofast storage that fits UNDER a standard size window, so it looks and acts like a built-in window seat. Why doesn’t every store do this? By the way, IKEA doesn’t pay me for this endorsement. My husband doesn’t even like IKEA (the store) very much. Mostly because going there is crazy.
Here’s the chalkboard paint that Catie painted on the sides of her Kura bed. All the kids did this, and they store their chalk and erasers in the little buckets. Or the floor.

And, finally, some shots of the completed room. Here’s Elisabeth babysitting her Bitty Baby on the “top floor.” Also the Owl Bedding from Grandma and Papa…and her owl pillow!

Catie’s area, complete with the curtains that the kids cut. They like that the curtains give them the feeling of privacy…although none of the kids seem to notice the entire back side of their AREA is open. Oh well. We’ll save finding a fun way to cover that as the next project!

Welcome Home Mat, leftover from the carpet scraps.

Come back tomorrow for the boys Kura Bed Hack!


  1. says

    You do understand that with this absolutely fabulous room, that you have ruined it for the rest of us boring parents who didn’t make cool rooms for their kids. Both girls want to come over right now to see it. It looks sooo good. I have been waiting, waiting to see this. I wasn’t able to open up all the pictures though so I guess we will have to come and see it in person very soon.
    Great job!

  2. Michele Anslow says

    This is absolutely fabulous! When I look up the height of this bed on the Ikea website, it says it’s only about 46″ high. Did you add pieces to the bottom to add height, in order to building the bottom loft area?

  3. Bethany says

    Do you know what the weight limit is for the Trofast “steps”? I am wanting to get the white set for my daughters loft bed, but I cannot find anything telling me the weight limit. Love the room!

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