Kura Bed Makeover–Boys!

The boys were going for an Emergency Vehicle Theme. And by “the boys” I mean Sam since Nate is still in his crib.
Really, Sam’s vision worked well. His “two-story” Kura bed was the perfect fire truck height. Which, by little-brother-default, meant Nate got a police car bed. When Nate is old enough, we’ll flip his over his bed (FLIP OVER! The Kura bed knows NO BOUNDS!) and it’ll be a really tall police car.
Like the girls, the boys are also sharing a Trofast storage unit, with fire-engine red carpet and police-car blue shag to prevent slipping. Sam decorated the bins himself with these (IKEA) stickers. He also printed the labels. But since I organized his drawers for him, he’s having trouble finding his underwear. Because these STEPS back up to Sam’s bed, this also doubles as play storage, and he has a bin filled with boy toys. You know, cars and marshmallow shooter guns and stuff. He loves that drawer. He usually digs around in it every night, looking for his underwear.

Sam’s AREA (or Cave, as he calls it) is his favorite new spot. He helped M string the stay-cool lights and likes his bulletin board under there. I love that his bulletin board is (inexplicably) decorated with baby pictures of him and Elisabeth. How did THEY end up in this man cave? He chose to paint his table/bookcase red. Mostly he uses it to hold his PRIZED Husker Football helmet. And the chalk for his chalkboard.
Sam picked out and cut his curtains. The shelves hold books, a water bottle, and a FLASHING SIREN LIGHT. Sam and I shared the vision of a giant fireman bell to hang next to his bed. BUT cooler heads (M’s cooler head) prevailed. Eventually I remembered that Sam is the kid that can’t put a harmonica or whistle down. If there’s one in the room, he’s gotta play it. Really, a giant bell right by his head seemed like it might be a distraction. But, to his credit, he has the self-control to only DRIVE his firetruck during designated play time. And, occasionally, during nighttime prayers.
Okay, Nate’s police-car side looks so sad here. He has new bedding (thanks, Grandma and Papa), but no cute Nate yet in the room. In storage, he also has siren lights and a phone, (no bell), and a police dog to match Sam’s Dalmatian. But, without Nate, the police car is a bit sad.

Really, what’s sad is the haphazard way I hung his letters. I know. That screams FOURTH CHILD! But it was for this photo shoot. The truth is, the boys’ room really isn’t done yet. Not until we get Nate and rest of his paraphernalia in there.
And trick out his police car.
Oh, and fix his letters.

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