Boy Bed Building

Never before has our weekend been filled with so much…bed building. Last Saturday M assembled THREE, yes THREE Kura beds. He rearranged the spray-painted pieces until the big Kura puzzle made sense. Which is such a blessing. Because whatever kind of intelligence it takes to assemble IKEA furniture, I really don’t have it. M does. In spades.
The kids helped. You can tell that the below picture. And by how stressed out Sam looks from all the questions he’s asked M about his firetruck bed. Like where the wheels will be. And the pole.
But he persevered (M, not Sam. Again, Sam really just asked questions all day) and soon the firetruck bed was built. Sam was thrilled to “give it a spin.” Even though I had to explain to him I still had to add all the firetruck “flair” to complete our Kura Hack.
M. was exhausted. This is where I found him…and reminded him we had two more beds to build. More on that on Monday.


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    Wow! You and your husband are very talented. My son would love this bed, he is all about fire trucks and fire fighters. I would love to see the finished photos. I am sure your son is so thrilled with his room and your girls too.

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