Kura Means…

…A reversible bed available from Ikea. Reversible blue panels to white! Reversible in that it can be flipped upside down for a canopy bed.
…Creativity. For every million Kura beds sold, there are a million different hacks. Painted Kura beds! Kura beds with Christmas lights strung underneath! Kura beds converted into fire truck beds! Kura beds built into the walls!
…Work. Like everything at Ikea, “some assembly required” means, “here are the directions and some wood. Go build yourself a bed!” Or in the case of the Hergenrader family, four beds.
…Space-saving. And, ironically, space-hogging, since the four Kura beds, for our four kids, are waiting in the game room to be built.
…Time-suckers. Kura beds are my hobby right now. Kura pictures. Kura clubs. Kura help groups. I’m kidding. But both M and me may need a Kura help group by the time these beds are built.

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