Gingerbread Family as Metaphor

Really, I have to start this post by telling you that Nate leads a very nice life. Kissed and hugged and loved constantly by his doting older siblings. A playroom with GENERATIONS of toys at his fingertips. Mommy home with him–and him alone–for most of his waking hours. He is blonde and blue-eyed and friendly and one of the cutest toddlers I’ve ever seen.

But, he is also the most strong-willed, stubborn child that I’ve had. He won’t walk. Let’s be clear. He COULD walk. But he’s afraid. When I even suggest it, he immediately splats onto the ground and holds it. The IDEA of walking turns him into a newbie tight-rope walker, finally back on the ground, and holding on for dear life.
After potty-training three kids, there’s one thing I’ve learned…when a child decides they NEED control of something, don’t battle it. You’ll lose every time.
So, Nate’s in control of this one. He’ll walk when he’s ready. And in the meantime, I had better find a way to enjoy these last few crawling months.
Like this…here’s a gingerbread representation of our family:
I know. Nate with no legs. Ha ha.
When Elisabeth ate them off so the Gingerbread Man wouldn’t run away, I couldn’t resist the symbolism. Just like Nate, he’s not running anywhere.
Isn’t laughter (and gingerbread baking) the best therapy?
I can’t imagine the gingerbread man I’ll have to decorate when Nate refuses to be potty-trained.

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