This picture was taken at Catie’s birthday party, when we provided three cases of Capri Sun for the guests (apparently jumping around works up a thirst). Actually, our kids seem to be thirsty all the time. We can’t keep Capri Suns around the house–and we buy it in bulk from Costco.

Okay, we actually buy everything in bulk from Costco. I’m so not kidding. We even buy the Costco brand, Kirkland, whenever we can. M. has even bought cases of Kirkland beer. I’ve used Kirkland make-up. I could go on and on about Costco. I could probably fill an entire blog about just Costco: observations, feelings, questions about why anyone with less than four kids would fight the crowds there on a Saturday afternoon.
But this blog is about our family. And this post is about communism.
And Costco.
The other day M. and I were chatting about how horrible it would be to live under communist rule. “Imagine,” I said, “not being able to pick out your groceries–having to settle with only the choices the government gives you.”
“Kind of like now?” M. asked. “We settle for whatever Costco offers.”
He was so right. We trust the buyers at Costco that whatever product they decide is the best , we buy in bulk. And, if you didn’t know, buying in bulk is the ultimate lack of choice. Because once you buy something like laundry soap in bulk, you’re committed for at least a month. And suddenly you’re a Tide user. Or Gain. Or, let’s be realistic, a Kirkland user.
Until tonight when I had to buy baby wipes at Target, where they don’t sell Kirkland wipes. And I tried Up and Up (Target’s brand).
And they’re better than Kirkland.
And I couldn’t wait to tell M. that he was totally right about communism and Costco.
But I was too tired to find him.
So I told you instead.
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  1. Anonymous

    TARGET WIPES ARE AWESOME!! And Costco is a joke for people that don’t have 4 kids. There are plenty of stores that will sell me stuff without having to pay a membership fee for the privilege of walking in the door. Don’t get me started. Sometimes I feel like we must be the last people on the planet who have not joined the Costco “cult”.

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