Fourth Love Rules Giveaway

Did you hear that? It's the Advent starting gun fired this morning. One month until Christmas! And, oh my, we all have such long lists of shopping and baking and elfing. The next month will be exciting and overwhelming. And, yet, we know the truth about what's really important during this season. We now our most important task is to show the world who needs to know how much God loves each and … Continue...


Love Rules Third Giveaway!

Love Rules is 40 stories about real women and also 75 discussion questions to help you think about your own story. Most importantly, Love Rules is the study of how crazy much God loves you. Here … Continue...


Second Fall Friday Giveaway!

Wow. What a week. Are you feeling a little bruised, a little strung-out from social media? Here's the best news in the world...God loves you more than you can imagine. You already have everything … Continue...


First Friday Giveaway!

Welcome to the first of the Fall Friday giveaways! To thank you for helping make Love Rules a success, I'm giving away a few of my favorite things. This will be so much fun! Here's how it … Continue...


Love God & Love Others

Welcome to the season of Thanksgiving. Bring on the cooler weather; the "I'm Thankful For...." lists; the gatherings around our table; and the millions of ways we will say "thanks" to each other by … Continue...



Dear Sam… (on your first day of Third Grade)

Dear Sam…. Your letter is hard to write because there is so much I want to tell you. This summer you have grown up so much. Because of all the ways you’ve matured, I think Third Grade will be your best year yet. Sam, as I’ve prayed for you over the years, I’ve asked God to help you see … [Read More...]


Dear Catie…(on your first day of seventh grade)

Dear Catie.... When you were younger and you didn't understand something, it seemed harmless. Look at you trying to type! One day we will laugh about how hard this was for you. You hate to comb your hair. You'll look back on pictures of this and cringe. But now that you're in Middle School, it … [Read More...]


Dear Elisabeth (on your first day of third grade)

Dear Elisabeth….. Welcome to Third Grade, sweetheart. Lately, you seem more like 39 than 9. Every morning, when you walk down the stairs (with your hair combed, your shoes tied, and your game face on), it’s like you’re a middle-aged woman off to her demanding job. But then …you tell me … [Read More...]


Dear Nate (on your first day of school)

Dear Nate.... It's a little shocking to see you in your hipster glasses and big First Grade desk, ready to tackle a year of spelling tests and fast facts. You're the baby of our family, and we would all probably feel most comfortable if you needed us to keep wiping your nose until you're … [Read More...]

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