Fluffy Paleo Pancakes

If you have kids, you probably eat a lot of pancakes. Our kids love pancakes in different shapes and sizes (silver dollar to big-as-your-head). They like guessing the mystery ingredient in a batch of pancakes (banana? Maple syrup in the batter?) Most of all, our kids like not eating eggs for breakfast every single morning. We usually eat pretty paleo, but most paleo pancake recipes taste … Continue...


Summer is a Bag of Marshmallows

School starts in two weeks. This summer has been our family’s first Big Kid Summer. Last year, Nate was still in diapers and a stroller, which limited what we could do in a day. But this summer, … Continue...


What’s Not in This Picture

Every summer, Mike’s parents gather everyone up for family pictures. We all meet at some beautiful backdrop, and the poor photographer tries to get a decent picture of all 12 of us. I always look … Continue...


Bloggers are Live Music Performers

Last month we visited Austin, Live Music Capital of the World. Mike and went out for a quintessential Lake Travis night, complete with a fantastic steak dinner and local live music. Because this is … Continue...


Old Enough for Pierced Ears?

For the past couple years, our daughters have asked to get their ears pierced. To them, two tiny holes represented independence, courage, beauty, and maturity. Pierced ears meant growing up. Like … Continue...



For the Facebook Friends of Matt Stefan….

For the Friends and Family of Matt Stefan….. I haven’t met lots of you, but I’ve read your Facebook posts these past few days. Thank you for sharing your love for Matt, your raw shock over his death, and where you’re finding your hope. I’m shocked too. I can hardly believe Matt is gone. We … [Read More...]


Life is a Beach (of Seaweed)

The beach is the orphan’s home. The very old and the very young claim the beach as their own. So do the philosophers, the body builders, the volleyball players, the sunbathers, the poets, and the drunks. Rednecks and DINKS and scientists and Christians and families and tragic people who have … [Read More...]


Three Lessons about Twin Birthday Parties

After seven years of raising twins, I’ve learned three lessons about celebrating their birthday: they relish their shared birthday because of the double attention; they also need individual celebrating; the party is really important. One day in the not-so-distant future the twins will want … [Read More...]


If Your Kid Wants to Join Swim Team

1. If your kid wants to join swim team, know your entire family is signing up. Monday through Friday you will be lugging kids, towels, goggles, sunscreen, and vans full of kids to the pool. Your weekends are now about all day swim meets. 2. Wet swimsuits, towels, and empty bottles of … [Read More...]

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