The Thanksgiving of my Dreams

Our family needs a different kind of Thanksgiving this year. We need a holiday like these homemade pecan pies. Our pies took a lot of time, but these were intentional hours. Unrushed hours together. We need that kind of a Thanksgiving. These pecans were from our friends' orchard. They tasted sweeter because of the conversation we enjoyed while hunting for them. To make these pies, our kids … Continue...


Happy Veterans Day!

To celebrate Veterans Day, click over to my friend Amy's blog for her story. Her husband, Nick, served in Iraq. He's the twins' Godfather, and one of our very favorite Veterans. Amy and Nick's … Continue...


Storyline is Disney World for Artists

Last week I was at the Storyline Conference, which is pretty much the happiest place on Earth for creative people. Experiencing Storyline was the same thrill as watching our kids experience Disney … Continue...


Scared Writers Don’t Write

After twelve years of trying to figure out what it means to be a successful Writer, I'm finally learning a  bit. I'm starting to realize that playing the role of Writer is ego-feeding, control-freak … Continue...


Last Shall Be First

When our oldest daughter, Catie, was in Preschool, one of my friends taught the four-year-olds at her school. I ran into her the summer before Catie started in her class and she asked how Catie was … Continue...



Turning 40 & Learning To Conserve Energy

The kids and I handed out thousands of water cups at a triathlon Mike competed in this summer.  Even though our family had a great day helping those thirsty runners, I can see the metaphor in this picture. It shows a lesson God is teaching me more and more every day. Here's what I'm learning: the … [Read More...]


What Do You Do Without Facebook?

  Hello, Friends.... Just a quick question: have any of you gotten rid of Facebook? More and more, I think I'd be better without an account. Often, I feel like I'm pressing my nose up against the glass of other people's lives. This takes time away from those I really love to connect … [Read More...]


My Stop-Complaining-About-Galveston Rant

This weekend our family headed down to Galveston for three days at the beach. We collected shells, took long family walks, ate delicious seafood dinners, did two museum tours, and soaked up an afternoon of  body surfing and sandcastle-building.  The weather was gorgeous, the locals were friendly, … [Read More...]


Fifth Grade Math

To show how God helps us with scary problems, the Fifth Graders did chapel about David and Goliath and fear. Then each of them told about a Goliath in their lives. Catie’s Goliath was that she doesn’t understand math. No surprise. Struggling with Fifth Grade math is as genetic as her blonde … [Read More...]

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