Go To The Woods To Live Intentionally

When we planned a trip to Yosemite, we weren't really thinking about Thoreau or his famous quote about going to the woods to live intentionally. We were thinking about seeing our friends, the Cavalleris. We were excited to show our kids another part of the country, a part with forests instead of swamps and mountains instead of beaches. But to say we went to the Sierra National Forest to live … Continue...


Disconnecting the Family

For Easter break, our family travelled to California to hike at Yosemite and see old friends. I want to tell you all about Yosemite and its breathtaking views, but that’s another post. First I have … Continue...


Lessons about Writing, Discipline, & Lent

On Ash Wednesday I made the spontaneous decision to write a blog post every day for 40 days during Lent. At the time this seemed like a brilliant idea. After a busy season of writing Bible study … Continue...


Capturing Memories

While moving furniture around this month, I discovered a bookcase full of old photo albums. Some were those cheap books where you slide the picture in between the plastic. Others were massive, … Continue...


Insect Murderers

Every year it's the same story. The weather warms up and the kids and the insects take over the backyard. The insects want to feast on the tender green leaves. They want to burrow into our … Continue...



What We Are NOT Doing This Summer

Several years ago, I visited my friend Jen at the start of the summer. Like me, she was a mom to lots of little kids, and the summer meant the fun and daunting promise of lots of free time. Like me, Jen hoped to use some of that time to organize her house. She had posted sticky notes to remind … [Read More...]


If a Mom Yells in the Woods, Can Her Kids Hear Her?

The weather is warmer here, and the sunshine seems to have robbed our kids of their hearing ability. Yesterday I asked Catie to put her shoes away about 17 times. I'm not normally a yeller, but I'm starting to see the gratification. MAYBE YOU CAN HEAR THIS?! I'm sure the kids' teachers are also … [Read More...]


The Hard Life of an Easy Kid

Of our four kids, only one was potty-trained by three. Only one learned to write his name in one sitting. Only one can make it through a day of Preschool with no tears, no separation anxiety, and no meltdowns about his shirt tag itching. Nate is an easy child, a pleaser who has the tenacity, IQ, … [Read More...]


Want to Go to Galveston for the Weekend?

If you have three days in Galveston, you are in for such a treat. Here's what to do, see, and eat while visiting Galveston. Come along and experience the very best our little island has to offer.... Day One--A Day at the Beach If you want a quiet beach, head west. Take 61st Street to the … [Read More...]

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