The Rules are Different on the Gulf Coast

We're in the process of booking Best of Times for the summer.  Our renters are mostly families who live in Texas suburbs and come to the coast for vacation. Back home, their planned-community homes are brick, and big, and beautiful. Six-foot privacy fences separate yards, and these yards are filled with trampolines, swimming pools, and swing sets. Every day landscaping crews descend on lawns … Continue...


My Mothers Day Gift to My Kids

Yesterday my kids were on their best Mothers Day behavior. They told me they loved me, made glittery cards, and showered me with Rainbow Loom bracelets. But today is a new day, and my kids are back … Continue...


The Trap of the Stay At Home Mom

As a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom, my schedule is flexible. In theory, this open schedule allows time with my kids. My flexibility means I'm available to help when the kids' school needs a … Continue...


Go To The Woods To Live Intentionally

When we planned a trip to Yosemite, we weren't really thinking about Thoreau or his famous quote about going to the woods to live intentionally. We were thinking about seeing our friends, the … Continue...


Disconnecting the Family

For Easter break, our family travelled to California to hike at Yosemite and see old friends. I want to tell you all about Yosemite and its breathtaking views, but that’s another post. First I have … Continue...



Lessons about Writing, Discipline, & Lent

On Ash Wednesday I made the spontaneous decision to write a blog post every day for 40 days during Lent. At the time this seemed like a brilliant idea. After a busy season of writing Bible study curriculum, blogging every day seemed like just the creative antidote I needed. Also, I was out of the … [Read More...]


Capturing Memories

While moving furniture around this month, I discovered a bookcase full of old photo albums. Some were those cheap books where you slide the picture in between the plastic. Others were massive, labor-intensive Creative Memories albums, complete with coordinating scrapbook paper and perfect stick-on … [Read More...]


Insect Murderers

Every year it's the same story. The weather warms up and the kids and the insects take over the backyard. The insects want to feast on the tender green leaves. They want to burrow into our landscaping, eat bark, and drink the fresh rain water. They want to have a nice insect life. However The … [Read More...]


What We Are NOT Doing This Summer

Several years ago, I visited my friend Jen at the start of the summer. Like me, she was a mom to lots of little kids, and the summer meant the fun and daunting promise of lots of free time. Like me, Jen hoped to use some of that time to organize her house. She had posted sticky notes to remind … [Read More...]

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