Old Enough for Pierced Ears?

For the past couple years, our daughters have asked to get their ears pierced. To them, two tiny holes represented independence, courage, beauty, and maturity. Pierced ears meant growing up. Like most rites of passage, we couldn’t really assign an age to when they would be ready.  Pierced ears were much more about maturity than how many years they’d lived. We told them they were mature enough … Continue...


For the Facebook Friends of Matt Stefan….

For the Friends and Family of Matt Stefan….. I haven’t met lots of you, but I’ve read your Facebook posts these past few days. Thank you for sharing your love for Matt, your raw shock over his … Continue...


Life is a Beach (of Seaweed)

The beach is the orphan’s home. The very old and the very young claim the beach as their own. So do the philosophers, the body builders, the volleyball players, the sunbathers, the poets, and the … Continue...


Three Lessons about Twin Birthday Parties

After seven years of raising twins, I’ve learned three lessons about celebrating their birthday: they relish their shared birthday because of the double attention; they also need individual … Continue...


If Your Kid Wants to Join Swim Team

1. If your kid wants to join swim team, know your entire family is signing up. Monday through Friday you will be lugging kids, towels, goggles, sunscreen, and vans full of kids to the pool. Your … Continue...



To Repeat or Not Repeat: Should Your Kid Repeat Kindergarten?

Behind every five-year-old in America is a mom struggling with the question of whether or not her kid should repeat Kindergarten. Five minutes into a conversation with another parent of my generation and we will talk about this topic. Chances are this other mom’s child will have repeated … [Read More...]


Writing at Starbucks

The kids and I have spent the first two weeks of the summer in the Memorial area, where we used to live. Everyday I dropped them off at camp at Christ Memorial Lutheran and then worked on my book in a Starbucks. The Memorial area is also called the Energy Corridor, which is where most major oil … [Read More...]


Falling Back in Love with Writing

Writing and I recently hit a  rough patch. Our break-up story was typical. I got busier and busier. In retaliation, Writing became its difficult self. We stopped spending time together. I didn't feel like dealing with the issues Writing was giving me, and it didn't feel like making anything easy on … [Read More...]


Update on Summer

So far, summer in our corner of the world has been busy. The kids are in a camp at our old church. I'm working on my book at different Starbucks across Houston, while they are jumping into waterslides, songs about Jesus, craft projects, and the sno-cone truck that stops by the church. Hands down, … [Read More...]

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