Sam 2014

Dear Sam... You are the most curious kid I've ever met . You are not only curious, you are impatient to understand every aspect of the world around you. So many other grown-ups tell us stories about the interesting questions you ask them. Kids tell us about your kindness. Daddy and I say to each other, at least once a day, "I wish I understood the mind of Sam." First Grade is the perfect … Continue...


Elisabeth 2014

Sweet Elisabeth... You are the picture of the perfect First Grader: excited to learn, confident of what you know, determined to please your teacher, liked by your classmates, and enthusiastic about … Continue...


While You Were Sleeping Letter to Bonnie

For our sweet Bonnie, while she rests in a coma. Hi, Bonnie… The past couple weeks have been so surreal for me. To be clear, the past couple weeks have been WAY MORE surreal for you. But, … Continue...



Dear Nate.... This is your first year to go to school all day and every day. No more pajama days. No more Best Friend Days with just me and you. Ready or not, your days will be filled with school … Continue...


Catie 2014

Dear Catie... Fifth Grade has got to be easier than the last couple of years. In Third Grade we discovered so much about how you learn. In Fourth Grade we found out how well you get along with your … Continue...



Off the Couch! Thoughts on Stomach Bugs & Writing

A yucky stomach bug found its way into the intestines of our kids this week. Like a knee-locked junior high choir, they toppled off the proverbial risers of life one at a time. Each kid went from enthusiastic student to curled in bed, clutching his/her tummy. They each stayed home to watch movies … [Read More...]


Fluffy Paleo Pancakes

If you have kids, you probably eat a lot of pancakes. Our kids love pancakes in different shapes and sizes (silver dollar to big-as-your-head). They like guessing the mystery ingredient in a batch of pancakes (banana? Maple syrup in the batter?) Most of all, our kids like not eating eggs for … [Read More...]


Summer is a Bag of Marshmallows

School starts in two weeks. This summer has been our family’s first Big Kid Summer. Last year, Nate was still in diapers and a stroller, which limited what we could do in a day. But this summer, the kids are older and more independent. They play Star Wars in the playroom for hours. Catie can … [Read More...]


What’s Not in This Picture

Every summer, Mike’s parents gather everyone up for family pictures. We all meet at some beautiful backdrop, and the poor photographer tries to get a decent picture of all 12 of us. I always look like the hungover version of Cruella DeVille in these pictures. It’s the curse of all of us who are … [Read More...]

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