Turning 40 & Learning To Conserve Energy

The kids and I handed out thousands of water cups at a triathlon Mike competed in this summer.  Even though our family had a great day helping those thirsty runners, I can see the metaphor in this picture. It shows a lesson God is teaching me more and more every day. Here's what I'm learning: the world is full of thirsty runners. Everyone in the world needs something as desperately as those … Continue...


What Do You Do Without Facebook?

  Hello, Friends.... Just a quick question: have any of you gotten rid of Facebook? More and more, I think I'd be better without an account. Often, I feel like I'm pressing my nose up … Continue...


My Stop-Complaining-About-Galveston Rant

This weekend our family headed down to Galveston for three days at the beach. We collected shells, took long family walks, ate delicious seafood dinners, did two museum tours, and soaked up an … Continue...


Fifth Grade Math

To show how God helps us with scary problems, the Fifth Graders did chapel about David and Goliath and fear. Then each of them told about a Goliath in their lives. Catie’s Goliath was that she … Continue...


Much to the Twins’ Chagrin

Sam and Elisabeth are back in the same class this year. This means they’re spending every minute of every day together. They are bonded together like super glue. With one glance across the dinner … Continue...



Hospital Lessons

  My friend, Bonnie, has been in a coma for several weeks. She is 31 years old. Even though Bonnie is a decade younger than me, she’s always been wiser. We were supposed to travel to Chicago together this month for the Storyline conference, and we joked she was in charge of our itinerary because … [Read More...]


The Truth

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Sam 2014

Dear Sam... You are the most curious kid I've ever met . You are not only curious, you are impatient to understand every aspect of the world around you. So many other grown-ups tell us stories about the interesting questions you ask them. Kids tell us about your kindness. Daddy and I say to each … [Read More...]


Elisabeth 2014

Sweet Elisabeth... You are the picture of the perfect First Grader: excited to learn, confident of what you know, determined to please your teacher, liked by your classmates, and enthusiastic about every single part of your day. Your enthusiasm for the school day is fun to watch, Elisabeth. … [Read More...]

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