Four Reasons to Send Your Kids to Camp This Summer

Our kids are back from a week of camp. Right before it was time to send them, I almost chickened out. But I kept thinking of this bit of wisdom,"Parenting is about preparing your child for the road, not about preparing the road for your child." I'm good at road construction for my kids. I always believe they need me to help them navigate social groups, to encourage them to try new things, and … Continue...


The Really Big Problem with Living in Your Tiny Comfort Zone

  Comfort zones are big liars. You've probably already learned this, but I'm just starting to understand how tiny and controlling our comfort zones are. What if God is more creative than … Continue...


Plug Back Into Each Other: The Family Road Trip

Our family is back from almost two weeks of vacation. We have done justice to the Family Road Trip. We have travelled thousands of miles in our dirty minivan. We have peed in hot gas station bathrooms … Continue...

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Codependent No More: Breaking Up With My iPhone

Maybe you're like me and your relationship with your iPhone has become codependent. Maybe you need an Apple Watch. Here's how it's worked for me, tell me if it sounds familiar. Your phone is no … Continue...


It’s Your Choice: Anxiety or Not?

Stress is not a choice. Just getting out of bed is stress. Getting out of your pajamas is definite stress and let's not even talk about checking your email. Then there are the really epic … Continue...



Storms, Control Issues, and Why We Buy All the Water

What a weird week for the weather. And for us control freaks. Tropical Storm Bill has caused an infinite loop of if-then scenarios for our family. If they cancel swim team, then we'll have more time to get to camp. If they cancel camp, then we'll go to Target. If we try to get groceries, then … [Read More...]


We Can’t Keep This Up All Summer

Here's what happened when our family unplugged from our busy schedules.  Spoiler alert: in just a couple weeks, our usually efficient household became a frat house of sloth. It all started in May, when the busy month fried our family. We gritted our teeth through every ballet recital, every … [Read More...]


Family Armor and Family Honor

Last week I wrote about brothers and sisters and that I worry how our kids' relationships will turn out. Is their constant fighting a sign of what's to come? Is there any way their friendships can stay intact through their childhood hurts and tough adolescence? Honestly, the odds of our kids … [Read More...]


Brothers and Sisters {& The Differences Between the Two}

  Summer feels like suddenly going camping with all your co-workers. When there's not much on the schedule, everyone gets real. The kids become each other's best (and worst) playmates. These brothers and sisters suddenly have all day for sword fighting, baking, giggling, … [Read More...]

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