Real Faces are Better than Emoticons

Old friends are like the bread machine hidden in the laundry room cabinet. Over the years, our family has enjoyed loaves of cinnamon raisin, sticky pecan, and plain old white from that machine. Now it's neglected. And missed. When I lug the machine out and bake with it, the smell of homemade bread makes me ashamed of all the months it's collected dust. It could have been making us loaves … Continue...


Ten Birthday Reasons to Celebrate Forty-one

Forty-one doesn’t actually feel as old as it sounded when at 21. After 40 you start to realize every person does not have the capacity to become who you hoped they would. They are probably doing … Continue...


Dear Catie (on your first day of middle school)…

Dear Catie (on your first day of middle school)… Suddenly, here you are, at the tipping point between childhood and adolescence, right at the center of growing up. The teenager-you is … Continue...


Dear Elisabeth (on the first day of second grade)….

Dear Elisabeth…. Wow! You have been so READY for today. You packed your backpack days ago. You set out the perfect first-day-of-school outfit last night. As we’ve talked and prayed about this … Continue...


Dear Nate…(on your first day of kindergarten)

Dear Nate... You are so ready for Kindergarten. You have heard the stories about how ridiculously fun Mrs. Miesner is. You have watched the Kindergarten classes as they … Continue...



A Mom’s Serenity Prayer for the Start of School

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Help me accept our schedule is about to be nuts. Summer is family interdependence, melting into each other, and learning life together. Next up: jarring tardy bells, horrible flash cards, afternoon practices, and late nights of … [Read More...]


What Your Kids Are Not Telling You

This question haunts moms: what does my kid really do all day? No matter how many different way I ask my kids about their days, their hopes, their fears, and what makes them happy or hurts them, they don’t give great answers. During the school year is the worst. At the end of every day, I feel … [Read More...]


Four Reasons to Send Your Kids to Camp This Summer

Our kids are back from a week of camp. Right before it was time to send them, I almost chickened out. But I kept thinking of this bit of wisdom,"Parenting is about preparing your child for the road, not about preparing the road for your child." I'm good at road construction for my kids. I always … [Read More...]


The Really Big Problem with Living in Your Tiny Comfort Zone

  Comfort zones are big liars. You've probably already learned this, but I'm just starting to understand how tiny and controlling our comfort zones are. What if God is more creative than our comfort zones? What if God gives the fantastic dances to the epic players, the ones willing to … [Read More...]

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