Find Your Pace

My husband is good at marathons. This is not to say he is good at training for marathons. He’s not great at stretching before his runs, or after. He never remembers to ice sore muscles or heat them. He wears running gear that is twenty years old. But he’s finished fifteen marathons or half-marathons because he is a person who finishes hard things. Mike’s most significant character trait is … Continue...


Never White-Knuckle Another Parenting Season

We've been back in school for one week. A week filled with tempter tantrums, late nights and even later mornings. Heading back to school after seventeen days of family time means finding the kids’ … Continue...


The Christmas When We All Cried

This Christmas our family relearned a terrible lesson about holidays. Every birthday, every New Years Eve, and every Halloween ends with one or more of our kids crying. One day is just too fragile to … Continue...


You Have to Go to the Mall this Christmas

This Christmas I had over 70 gifts to buy, and I vowed not to go to the mall for any of them. Any gift I could buy in a crowded store, I could buy cheaper online. Any toy, scarf, or coffee maker I … Continue...


Invite More People Over

Last week we hosted the African Children’s Choir at our house. They came right in the middle of one of the busiest weeks of our year, including the kids’ Christmas Program, faraway basketball games, … Continue...



My Hairstory: No-Sulfate Shampoo

The Short Version: buy  shampoo without sulfates and see if it helps your hair. The Long Version: Shampoo without sulfates gave my hair volume and shine. Here's my hairstory. Over the past decade, I’ve tried  all the miracle shampoos, emulsifiers, and expensive blow dryers. They all … [Read More...]


The Thanksgiving of my Dreams

Our family needs a different kind of Thanksgiving this year. We need a holiday like these homemade pecan pies. Our pies took a lot of time, but these were intentional hours. Unrushed hours together. We need that kind of a Thanksgiving. These pecans were from our friends' orchard. They tasted … [Read More...]


Happy Veterans Day!

To celebrate Veterans Day, click over to my friend Amy's blog for her story. Her husband, Nick, served in Iraq. He's the twins' Godfather, and one of our very favorite Veterans. Amy and Nick's story is a remarkable one, a story they're still living today. Through Nick's deployment and PTSD, … [Read More...]


Storyline is Disney World for Artists

Last week I was at the Storyline Conference, which is pretty much the happiest place on Earth for creative people. Experiencing Storyline was the same thrill as watching our kids experience Disney for the first time. Welcome to Disneyland, kids. Dance with the bubbles streaming out of the … [Read More...]

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