Welcome to Houston, the most ethnically diverse city in the U.S.
Our people are loyal and loud. The brutal heat, constant traffic, and devastating hurricanes unite us in deep and important ways. And so, when it comes to welcoming visitors, we do it with confidence.
Welcome to the very best big city in the world. Here’s what you need to do…
1.     Bucc-ee’s:
Just go. And when you do, be sure to accomplish the three big goals of every visitor…
First, take a picture with the bronze beaver. No one will judge you because we all do it too. Houstonians love this place and we love to see you experiencing our epic Texas-sized gas station.
Second, the bathrooms are legendary. Seriously. About four different legends about why these are the best stalls in the south regularly circulate. You’re going to need to see the awesomeness for yourself.
Third, you’ll want to try the brisket, kolaches, and Beaver Nuggets. Locals will be lined up for all of these and once you taste them, you’ll understand why. If you have time, grab a sweet tea. After all, it’s hot outside.
2.     Heat:
We all know it’s hot. Please don’t tell us you’re hot. We love everything about our city and enduring July here is part of the Houstonian Badge of Honor. Drink sweet tea, wear your tank top, get comfortable with sweat, and survive like a local. 
If you help us out with this, we promise not to gloat when it’s November and we’re at the beach.
3.     Graffiti:
The Space City features some of the most famous street art. (Check out the history of the “Be Someone” overpass.) Besides serving as Instragrammable backgrounds, this constantly changing art is both beautiful PSAs and love letters to our city.
4.     Whataburger:
See for yourself what the hype is all about because you’ll surprised. Unlike Buccees, that is a wow-moment-of-Texas-awesomeness, Whataburger is more of a IYKYK situation. It’s the King of Burgers like George Strait is the King of Country. Understated, Traditional, and Irresistible. 
(For breakfast, you need the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Lunch should be the Double Meat Whataburger.  And for dinner, try the Taquito with Cheese.)
5.     Astros:
We know they cheated—but telling us about it is going to cause some problems. We love the men in orange and are deeply loyal to these favorite local celebrities. If you really want to feel like a local, cheer on the Astros and hate on the Texans instead. 

Message me for more about any of these Houston favorites.

Because there’s nothing more Texan than talking about Texas.

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