Five Questions to Ask Your Teen about NYG2022

You’ve seen the pictures and watched the livestream. Now, your kids are headed home from The Gathering and you have high hopes that they came away transformed in some way. And not transformed in the way that they’re too tired to talk about what went down the past five days.

Connecting with teens is usually about asking the questions they’re interested in discussing.

As a mom of three kids who attended the Gathering and someone who talked to over 500 random attendees, here are five questions that sparked great conversations.

Try them with your own kids…

  • One person you met who was interesting and why?
  • What booth had the best giveaway? What was your best meal?
  • Any powerful moments during worship?
  • Did it feel like you made a difference at your service project?
  • Has seeing all those people together help you to remember you’re not alone?

Most kids I met talked about the comfort of seeing so many Christinas together. More than one mentioned how they were interested to see so many other people in the sessions they cared about. (Super awkward moment when you see the girl you’re having drama with is also at the Toxic Relationships session.)

The Gathering is so huge. So many crowds and different people everywhere you look. Your teenager is probably asking some identity questions right now. Find connection questions that help them process who they are within our church body, their home church, and in this season of their lives. 

And most of all, what it means to be a child of God.

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