About nine years ago, Catie was old enough to spend a summer at Camp Lone Star. This is the camp I had gone to as a kid and spent many weeks at as an adult. When I wrote Last Summer at Eden (watch the trailer here), this is the camper experience I pictured.

Those first few summers were hard for her. She loved the camp experience once she was there, but she had to deal with some real challenges. How do you meet friends at camp? Will the food be okay? What will I do without my electronics for a week?

But she overcame all of those and fell deeply in love with camp. Now she’s spent more summers and weekends there than I could count. Over and over, every summer, the week she spends at camp turns out to be the most important. This time in creation and away from the hustle of our lives grounds her.

She’s not a kid who is super opinionated about what other people should do. But she does feel pretty strongly that spending time at camp is a very good idea for everyone.

Check out the video for her response about any reason you’re worried about sending your kid to camp.

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