Last year, our family left the house and school we had loved for years and moved across Houston. Everything was new and that was hard.

Nate was nine when we moved. He had only lived in the same cul da sac with the same handful of reliable family friends. He didn’t want to leave these guys.

But in the past 18 months, I’ve watched him struggle–and then adjust. Because he’s young–and because he’s Nate–he has an earnest way of telling the story of exactly what we are all living through.

When we’ve prayed together at night, he’s told how he misses his friends and is worried about making new ones. He’s made jokes about being the new kid and been so excited to discover what happens at a different school.

Nate has found his groove at a new place and it’s been fun to watch. He sat down with me and told all about what he discovered about himself, about how to move, and most of all, how to make friends.

You’ll find his advice spot-on.

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