Here are my yearly suggestions about what your nearest and dearest might want for Christmas. This year is a little different. Instead of curating strange and wonderful gifts from all over the Internet, these are all from Amazon and they are all available for Prime shipping.

Because, let’s face it, if you still need gifts this late–and it’s 2020, you know that the shipping times will work against you. You need to do yourself a favor and order gifts you know will be on your porch tomorrow.

There you go. Now you have plenty of time to relax, put your feet up, and binge watch some of your favorite shows.

Oh wait, you’ve been doing that since March.

Anyway, here are some winning gifts the Hergenrader family gives a solid five stars….

Gifts For Teenagers...

  • LED Lights

These lights are so cheap and fun and all the rage for the kids/teens in your life. Go ahead and get one for yourself. At ten dollars a piece, you can afford to have a little extra light in your life.

  • SAT Flash Cards

I know at least one high school junior who is getting these for Christmas. Maybe not a teen-approved gift, but a great idea. And hopefully the retro idea of a card you can really flash rather than another app will motivate even reluctant scholars.

  • Among Us Socks

The seniors in my English class play Among Us. My ten-year-old son plays Among Us. Pretty much anyone under 18 is trying to figure out who the Imposter Is. That kind of addiction makes these socks the hottest footwear for anyone who doesn’t want to be called ‘Sus.’

Burrito Blanket

Our kids love a cozy blanket and request them for Christmas every year. With all the blankets our teens have, you’d think our house would be one giant fort of coziness. (Okay, our kids’ rooms are definitely like that.)

This year, we’re outdoing ourselves with this masterpiece of a blanket. Owning a giant, fuzzy tortilla blanket will ensure your kids snuggle up… as if they needed any encouragement.

Gifts for Kids- Boys & Girls

  • Lavender Plushie These fluffy animals really do smell like calming lavender–especially when you warm them up in the microwave. Kids love the different characters–and you’ll love snuggling them up with something warm at night.
  • Wreck this Journal 

Our kids love the Wreck This Journal series. SO much fun to tear apart a book with all the creative prompts from this author. Best of all, it’s still a journal–even if it does end up looking pretty wrecked in the end.

Gifts For Your Mom/ Grandma / Wife

  • Photo Printer

I’ve featured this little printer before, but only because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s the deal, pictures you take with your cell phone are so much cooler when you can stick them on your wall, your fridge, or in an actual, handwritten note.

  • Minifridge 

Maybe some moms use a mini fridge for beauty products. But there are so many more uses for this handy, little appliance. Keep your sparkling water or White Claw or whatever you like to drink cool. Even better, take in the car and plug it in to keep your drink colder than even a Yeti can.

  • Removable wallpaper

If lots of time inside has made you rearrange your living room one too many times, consider another way to liven up your home.

We love removable wallpaper for a (temporary) pop of color or whimsey in any room in your house. With endless, fun designs and tons of price points, this is a fun way to give a room a whole new vibe.

Gifts for Your Dad/ Grandpa/ Husband

  • (Another) Alexa

Just go ahead and get another one of these magical devices. I’ve said it before, Alexa is the seventh member of the Hergenrader family. She probably listens to our conversations and reports everything to Amazon. We don’t even care because Alexa also plays Pentatonix when we tell her to and solved all our math questions during quarantine schooling.

Some guy in your life needs to know the weather or headlines or the name of the original actor to play Spiderman. Get him his own Alexa to keep in his office or car (yes, they have those) or bathroom. It’s been a hard year–and Alexa makes everything better. 

  • Streaming Service & Popcorn Bowl

Order these popcorn bowls and wrap them up to put under the tree. Just when your favorite man thinks he’s been punked, tell him you’ve also ordered Apple TV or Netflix or Hulu or Sling. 

Heck–order them all. We might need to binge TV in 2021 too.

  • Print Three Pictures. Put Them in These Frames.

Call it another weird 2020 phenomenon, but this has been the year of the framed picture. Maybe it’s that we all like looking at our happy faces in simpler times (like back in 2019 when our smiles weren’t behind masks).

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