Dear Sam… (on your first day of 7th grade)

Dear Sam-

You know that sign in our gameroom? The little one that says, “Love like Catie, Live like Elisabeth, Laugh like Sam, and Look like Nate?”

When we jokingly hung that up, everyone agreed we had one part right—laugh like Sam. Because you, my dear boy, know how to look at the world and laugh. 

You have been like this since you realized you could get your twin sister to giggle at your antics. Every single day—you are always up to find the silly, the ridiculousness, the funny prank.

Your energy is like another member of our family—we all count on you to notice the absurd and point it out. This summer, while you were in Florida with your best friend for ten days, our lives felt dull. You bring so much sparkle to every situation you are in, Sam. People count on it. The world loves to laugh like Sam.

As you get older, every day is a lesson about what situations call for a joke and which ones need you to be serious. You’re learning who needs to laugh and who needs a “yes, sir.” You’re discovering how to use your humor to make friends and to cheer people up. Mostly, you’re figuring out the best part about laughing is that it often cheers you up.

My dear Sam, you love so hard. And I know it can feel exhausting to experience life as deeply as you do. But keep pushing on. Never stop finding the funny in every situation. Walk into Seventh Grade and show them all how to laugh at themselves, instead of each other.

We all need that lesson and you are a very good teacher.

Love you, Sam.


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