Dear Elisabeth…

My dear El, you are a devourer of books. You are a voracious teller and reader of all the stories.

For most people, this year—Seventh Grade—is an epic chapter of dramatic proportions in their life stories. It’s the awkwardness of sudden growth spurts (or the lack of those spurts). It’s the hormones and the crushing peer pressure. Ask anyone to tell you their story and it’s pretty guaranteed that the most embarrassing—or hardest—lessons happened around the Seventh Grade chapter. 

I can hear you laughing at this, El. You’re absolutely making fun of me about the dire warnings. You will tell me that I’m the one being dramatic—not Seventh Grade. 

And you would be right, I think. Because you are different. You are so determined to make every year the best one yet. Your effervescence is baked into your personality so fundamentally that you are like one of those perfect muffins you make me all the time. Your are joyful about every chapter and just will not get sucked into the idea that Seventh Grade will be a hard year.

Even through the really uncomfortable, truly bad stuff, you never lose your shape. This is your steely character, your grit, your Elisabeth-ness. Your tenacity can wear you out, sweet girl. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The best part of you? The part that will make this year a very good chapter in your story? You find a way to laugh at the worst circumstances one-hundred percent of the time. What kind of a crazy superpower is that? 

And, really, because I love reading too, I think it’s the stories that give you the gift of this very unique perspective. 

Because haters are gonna hate, seventh graders are gonna create drama, and hormones will always make things awkward.

But you, my dear Elisabeth, know that this is not the end of the story. God has so much more to tell in this chapter than all of that. 

Keep reading. Keep laughing.  Keep being you.



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  1. Virginia Buehring

    Dear Elisabeth,
    You are a pleasure to be around! Your thoughtfulness, humor, and determination make life more interesting. The Christmas you gave us the goldfish and equipment we started a whole new venture. Thanks for spotting the newly hatched fish that are hard for us to see and finding where the sucker fish is hiding! Watching how you have grown in so many different ways this last year has been captivating. Go girl! We are cheering you on! Whether it’s your studies, sports, or being with your friends you’re going to have a great year! May you be blessed to be a blessing! God is good…all the time! Love, Gigi and Papa

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