Dear Catie- 

Wait. Hold on What is happening here? 

You—my oldest daughter, young woman, sixteen-year-old—are changing right now more than you ever have before. I did not see this coming. 

You, who has always been so exceptionally sweet and laid-back—and a certified black belt at relating to other people—are becoming something even more.  

Just when I thought I knew you completely, you’re suddenly filled with nuance and shades of depth and are way more complicated than the person most people see. They know a Catie who is a pleaser, who is funny, who loves to tease and YOLO, and is filled with endless energy. 

But that was Catie 1.0.  This new Catie is you in the eleventh grade—this is something like Catie 1.1. (Ha ha. I know you’re laughing here). And Catie 1.1 is a force

Take the past six months. You went into quarantine a sugar lover. You ate two plates of pasta and finished it off with a bowl of ice cream. But on April 1, you committed to eat Whole30, and you have learned to eat and cook completely differently. It’s hard, and you still show up for it every day. This grit is different—it’s part of the young woman you’re becoming.  

And then, even more surprises every day. You’re taking college classes, and willingly running miles and miles every week—in the Texas heat. This morning, for the first time since you were about 6, you woke up early. You have learned how to take care of yourself in new ways and it’s a layer that makes you even stronger. 

Catie, you delight us all every day. You smile and we smile with you. And now, you are planning for college and a car and setting goals and making As—and we all stepping back and getting out of your way. 

You’re the best sixteen-year-old I know, and I can’t wait to see what God will do in your life this year. 



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  1. Alice Rosenhagen

    She is a treasure for sure! Can’t wait to see what God is going to do this year in her life (besides babysit my grandkids!)

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