Dear Mamas of Teen Daughters….

Your daughter is hearing too many harmful messages. The world tells her she should be everything to everyone. She believes the lies of social media and thinks that her value is tied up in likes. She is striving for perfection and no one is telling her about grace. This is an epidemic. And you, dear mama, need to tell her a different story.

Your girl needs you to show her how to find her worth in the Lord. Be stronger here. Say no to too much social media. Pray with her every day. Be vulnerable and ask her real questions. Tell her often that she is enough because of the gift of her Savior. She will not find deep acceptance in boys or good grades or in social media or in achievement. Her soul is hungry for this message.

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Soul connection can be hard. But even when she pushes you away, she needs you to keep trying. More than a new iPhone or cute sweater, your daughter needs you to spend time with her. She needs you to connect with her in a deeper way. Read the Bible. Tell her about your own faith. Teach her to be still and trust God. Her soul needs to know its worth. No one is giving her this message & its your unique privilege to do just that.

My book, Shine, is a Bible study that tells your daughter the good news that she is enough–because of Jesus. Give it to her for Christmas and read a chapter each week with her. Commit to this, even when life gets busy.

I am passionate that your daughter would know this message. When you order Shine for your daughter, I will send her a handwritten note and a little gift to give with it.

This is important. Our daughters hear too many wrong messages about their worth. Let’s be the ones to tell them the truth.

To receive the free gift, order Shine here, screenshot your receipt, and DM it to me. I will get the goodies in the mail right away.


Christina Hergenrader

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