Your fire is what you need right now. Your fire is your purpose. Holding it in will make you grow weary.

Stop scrolling–your fire is not there. It’s also not in the refrigerator. You cannot buy it or taste it or invest it.

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This is actually really bad news. Because the kind of fire you’re looking for—your most powerful fuel—will never go on clearance and you won’t discover it when you get your iPhone 11.

I’ve spent whole seasons of my life living for the next thing. I have held my breath, waiting for for the friend or house or exercise routine that will make my feel alive.

And then I keep finding my fire in the smallest, surprising places…

…outside with my kids and the undiscovered worlds and moods and seasons we will face together. These faces, this flesh, those eyes that are so familiar and changing with every moment. (Ecclesiastes 3:11) This is fire for me.

…when I sing the rich chords of hymns my people have sung for generations and the fire of memory and love brews so much emotion that I can feel it in my throat and behind my eyes. And then, also, the drumming beat of the praise songs our kids stomp along to in chapel. (Psalm 47) This is fire for me.

…the magic when my fingers are tapping across the letters as I write all the words in my brain. My soul exhales connections and answers and visions that I didn’t even realize were clogging up my spirit. (Jeremiah 20:9) This is fire for me.

…when I stand toe-to-toe with the problem that has sparked anxiety in me a million times before—and this time I face it. Now I can feel the faith and know that this is the power of the Holy Spirit boiling in my soul. (Romans 8:11) This is fire for me.

…in the words from my favorite podcaster or author or friend or pastor who delivers the truth. I know, deep inside my self, that this message is for me at exactly this time and in this place.  (John 3:31-36) This is fire for me.

What is your fire? Helping those whose life is harder than yours? Losing yourself in a book and discovering your true self? Protecting your children? Feeding your people well? Showing up day after day and finding that this endurance strengthens you?

Find your fire. Don’t go weary from holding it in your bones.

You’ve been created for this.

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