This year, my word will be ‘soul.’

As I get older, my soul is the part of me that matters the most. As my body ages, and I can see its fragility, I’m learning about strength of my soul. Mostly I’m learning about what my soul needs.

My soul needs to get lost between the pages of a book. It’s the part of me that keeps me coming back for journaling and prayer. It’s what makes me want to connect with friends who talk about more than their kids’ sports and how dismal America has become.

My soul loves to sing with my people—whether it’s Silent Night to restless tweens who can’t sleep, or Taylor Swift while we all clean the kitchen, or hymns in church. The vulnerability and community of singing together is soul-strengthening. 

My soul needs to hear God’s promises every day because they’re spiritual food. I need to see His creation and understand His power. My soul craves the security of His love–constantly.

Why then, do I forget to do the things that feed my soul?

Sadly, when I need to be more productive, I cut out nourishment for my soul first. And when I’m too busy–when my spirit is hangry for spiritual food–I pay for it. My body becomes tired too quickly. I get the strep throat going around. I get cranky and blue. I overthink.

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When I’m not writing, my mind gets too full of to-to lists and I find myself at The Container Store buying overpriced shelves that I hope will control the clutter in my closet—but more so in my brain. When I’m not spending time in scripture, I believe Satan’s old lie that it’s all up to me and I had better find a way to control everyone around me to believe that too. 

Once again it all comes back to the soul. To be healthy, happy, and handy to my people, I’ve got to take care of my soul. So more long walks with the dogs, more time with God, more singing with my people, more time telling stories, more curiosity, more creativity, more play, more wasting time, more worship, more awe, more payer.

Come, Lord Jesus, feed my soul–this year and for eternity.

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