Dear Sam… (on your first day of middle school)

Dear Sam…

Crazy. That’s what this year is. Bananas.

Everything is new: you’re at a different school and now it’s also middle school and our new lives in Friendswood are so strange and exhilarating.

Some of it is going so well–you’re making good friends, you’re intrigued by life at Lutheran South, you’re so happy to have your own computer, and you truly love cross country.

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But other parts are just hard. You’ve left the friends you’ve had for a decade and now you’re trying to find your place in the jumble of kids you don’t quite trust yet. Also, it’s middle school and the work is more complicated and there’s all this new pressure.

Yet, Sam, you are so brave. You keep showing up. God has blessed you with a tremendous faith and thanks to that you always believe that He will help you.

Here is my prayer and my blessing to you: may your courage match your faith this year. May you know that God is with you for every change and every moment. May you learn to share your contagious faith with the world.

This is a big year, Sam, but our God is even bigger. And He loves you so much.

I love you, too—

You’ve got this.


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