Dear Nate… (on your first day of Fourth Grade)

Dear Nate… (on your first day of Fourth Grade)

Ah, Nate. You are killing me with this smile. I can see all the parts of you in it–your adventure, your sweetness, your enthusiasm, and your curiosity. These are exactly what make you my Nate and they are all over your first-day-of-school grin.

Your Nate-ness also shines in the stories you tell me about your day at school. You report everything you’ve learned that day. And to be clear, you love to learn. This is you at nine-years-old; you are a learner.

Being a learner is one of the best ways to be—especially when you’re going through a big move like you are right now. You’ve learned so much in the past month: how to hop the fence and explore our new neighborhood (and hunt for Pokémon as you go)…how to quickly memorize the books of the Bible…how to make friends….and how to master your multiplication facts. (Actually, that one’s taking a lot of learning. Ugh.)

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As you’re inhaling all this new information, also remember that learning can be a long process. When you’re really good at learning, like you are, Nate, it can be hard to be patient with yourself. You want to be good at everything the first time. You want to understand the math and the homework and the friends immediately. Giving yourself grace can feel wrong. But just like everything, I know you can learn how to do this. Know that love and forgiveness and patience are just as important as finishing first, straight As, and solving problems the first time. (They’re more important, actually.)

Trust yourself that you’ll understand more and more as you year goes on. But even more, trust the Lord. He has blessed you with a unique and curious mind and I know our God has big plans for you.

Fourth grade will be a really exciting adventure, Nate. I am so blessed to be with you for it.

I love you, Mommy

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